Google Play Store Statistics to Consider Before Building the App!

Google Play Store Statistics: Google Play Store plays an imperative role and acts as the global platform for mobile applications. However, there are few stats that are associated with Play Store that should be foreseen before start building an app. 

So, in this useful and amazing post, we will study the same in detail. Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

Why Google App Store Statistics?

Google Play Store statistics actually matters since it’s the best and popular platform worldwide. That simply implies customers can make use of it by downloading apps from all over the world.

This, in turn, will give you the idea of what customers want now and which area is getting maximum engagement. 

Total Number of Apps on Play Store 

Till 2020, the total apps on Play Store were around 2.87 million which increase to approximately 5 million. This increase in a small duration of time always proves that Play Store is the most liked app by users all over the world. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are in search of augmented reality games, trading apps or any other app; you will find everything on Google Play Store easily. 

Release of App Every Day and Month

There are over 774,700 app publishers so by seeing this figure one can assume how huge will be the apps distribution amount on the platform every week and month.

It’s not possible to say the exact number of apps that are added to Play Store every day but yes it lies between 3000-3700. 

Imagine more than 3000 apps of different specifications, technical aspects, nature get launched on Play Store every day? Strange, but that’s true! 

Around 1,00,000 apps get added to Google Play Store monthly. 

Total Number of App with Ratings 

Around there are 5 million apps that are there on Google Play Store. Around 49% i.e., 1.46 million are rated by customers. Ratings as well reviews are helpful and the major sources of feedback.

Positive ratings has the power to hold a large number of users in order to attract customers for gaining interest in services as well as products. 

Many apps have already received maximum ratings on the Play Store which has created trust among a large number of users. The average star number for all apps is generally 4.1  

According to Statista report, there were around 511,000 apps with a 4.5 rating in Jan 2021 whereas apps garnered above 4 however less than the ratings of 5 were 447,161. 

Android Apps with In-app Billing – Google Play Store Statistics

This is not true that paid apps only can help in generating revenues however free apps if downloaded more can result in huge revenue.

This is the reason; app developers prefer building an android app completely free for customers since they want a maximum customer base. 

Android apps current number with in-app billing is 301,455

It has been found that around 80% of customers are making use of android devices as well as android apps which proves how high is the popularity of the Google Play Store app. App downloads numbers are increasing which is the good thing about Google Play Store. 

According to a report by Statista, the download number will increase to 133 billion by 2022 and 187 billion in the year 2025.

The most popular apps that are downloaded by the majority of users and the ones that hold a major part in total download numbers incorporate Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. 

Free and Paid App Downloads 

There are paid as well as free apps both available on the Play Store. 96.2% of apps on the Play store are free as of December 2019 whereas 3.8% are paid. 

But such free apps may have in-app purchases which will help app developers in generating enough profits. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in knowing more about Google Play Store app Statistics that one needs to consider before building the app. 

Google Play Store Statistics as we all know has lots of mobile applications, and due to large apps numbers, competition is getting tougher day by day. So, all the above-given statistics one must keep in mind before proceeding with building the app. 

For the success of your app, it’s important that you comprehend what users actually want. Only, then you will be able you reach the heights of success. 


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