Should You Launch Your Business App On Both Android and iOS Platforms?

Android and iOS Platforms: Many entrepreneur’s success stories have risen from focusing on one platform at the beginning. Many startups usually go for iOS first, Android second.

However, specific conditions may make it a great decision to build for Android first or often for both platforms at the same time. Some factors are listed below: 

Few Elements To Consider When Selecting Between Android and iOS Platforms

There are a few components to consider when selecting between iOS, Android or both. These elements contain demographics, revenue models, development speed and designing UI. 

#1 – Demographics

Android has the largest worldwide platform share 80% of the global mobile device market share with its presence in lower-income areas. While, iOS users are more valuable. Looking completely at demographics, the Android platform seems real choice, but while taking in other factors that may not essential. 

#2 – Revenue models

Android usually has a greater number of ad-integrated apps. iOS users are usually more valuable when taking Android’s market share into account. 

#3 – Development Speed – Android and iOS Platforms

On average, Android applications take a longer time to build than iOS. The reason behind this is that OS (Operating System) launches cycles and Android fragmentation. 

The biggest issue for app developers is to get their app launched on the App Store. Sometimes mobile apps are rejected for modest errors which can prove to be defeating for the developer who knows exactly how they want the app to perform.

The app submission process for the Play Store is fewer tedious than the app store. Unlike its Android and iOS app, this will get launched within several hours. 

#4 – Building and designing UI 

With things like Interface Builder developed into Xcode, iOS is more UI/UX friendly than Android. Due to the ease of working with iOS frameworks, developers can cover themselves in the process of making their users’ experience a great one. 

If a huge range of opportunities concerning tailoring in developing and designing is important, Android is the right choice! While it should be mentioned the Android/iOS Developer Conference, the design guideline of Google creates simple, better-designed apps for Android platforms. 

When Android is the best choice

If your target audience is Android users, releasing on that platform is a clear choice. 80% of the global market share is engaging if you are trying to be heard. 

When iOS is the best choice

Usually, in beginning, it makes more sense to pick iOS. It is easier to write an iOS app than an Android app. Statistics show that iOS users spend 26 more minutes on their platform. Android users consume more data and spend more on mobile commerce. 

When both (Android and iOS) platforms are the right choice

If you have your app on both platforms, you will get a greater reach to potential users. By deploying an app for both Android and iOS platforms, app demographics can have a positive effect on a business’s bottom line.

Handling both platforms will prove beneficial in all app categories. The more time and resources you send, the higher chance you app will be successful. If you need a reliable and scalable business app, get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company such as Yugasa.

How can Yugasa help in business app development?

At Yugasa, we are a business app development company that builds scalable & smart solutions. We are highly experienced in creating high software solutions that create great value for your business in the market.

We have a dedicated team of developers, designers, and quality analysts that deliver mobile apps to take your business to the next level. 

Whether you need a business app for the Android or iOS platform, contact our experts today!

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