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Outsourcing your software to a third party team is the best deed. Your code is never exposed to the third party while you get a real essence of your product’s stability by an outsider.Hire experienced testers from Yugasa.

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    Automation Testing

    It is difficult to achieve high code coverage through manual testing in larger applications. We automate testing using Selenium and Appium.

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    Manual Testing

    Nothing can beat human intelligence. For smaller application you need manual testing. Be it website, mobile app or desktop app.

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    Test Management

    Test Plans, Test Cases, Traceability Matrices, Bug Reports, Test Files. We streamline and manage your testing practices to the best shape.

    Hire an experienced
    QA developer

    We maintain bench of experienced QA developers who can join your project immediately and can act as your remote team working dedicatedly on your project

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    High Quality -> More Business


    No testing is ever enough


    Achieve more in less invesment

    Why should you outsource your software testing

    Maintaining an in-house testing team is good but outsourcing it to an experienced QA team can be more rewarding because that gives you a third person’s prospective and bring more value in your software. Improve your product keeping your IPAs secured and untouched.

    Outsource your software QA to Yugasa

    Hire a fleet of experienced software testers for automating your test case or for testing your products with an eye of precision. We even offer testers for Beta testing of your applications to uncover those hidden issues in your application which appear when consumers in market start using your product.

    Test Management
    Manual Testing

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    At Yugasa, we strongly emphasis growing on an everyday basis by learning the newest and the most trending technologies. Our creative teams work really hard to keep us up to date with creating really engaging articles. We have some of the best team members working hard to get this in place for all our clients.
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