Doctor Appointment Booking App Development: A Quick Guide

In your clinic, medical center, and hospital, you enjoy the high-tech system that handles everything, from scheduling an appointment to secure record keeping. However, from a patient’s perception, managing appointments and ongoing care can be frustrating because of limited access. That’s where the doctor appointment booking app comes into the game. 

A mobile application for doctor’s appointments is the perfect solution for both medical service providers and patients. With the increased technology, expectations for on-demand healthcare services continue to grow.

If you develop a doctor appointment mobile app that offers convenience to patients and doctors, the overall customer service and satisfaction will skyrocket.

But, it is essential to know everything about effective doctor appointment app development before developing one for you. For understanding everything about this app, read this article.

What is Doctor appointment booking app development?

Doctor appointment booking applications increase the overall effectiveness of clinics, hospitals, and online healthcare marketplaces while streamlining processes. Such mobile apps allow patients to connect online with medical professionals. These apps are reliable and the future of clinical progression and a unique and new phase in the patient-doctor relationship. 

The doctor appointment scheduling app works in two ways: Patients and doctors. Here is how it works in the real world:

From a patient’s perspective:

Now, patients no longer need to wait to schedule appointments with the doctor. With this app, meeting with their doctors is just a few clicks away. It saves the time of both doctors and patients. 

From a clinic’s perspective:

An app is the backbone of a clinic appointment management system. It automates not only the appointment booking processes but also tracks revisits and improves clinic-patient communication. In this way, it makes confirming, canceling or rescheduling appointments hassle-free. 

Why you need doctor scheduling app development for your organization?

Nowadays, more and more smartphone users use user-friendly apps to plan their doctor visits, medication pickup, and other health and wellbeing activities. Hence, more consumers prefer the healthcare provider that offers digital services such as prescription, online communication, and video conferencing. 

Even booking a medical consultation online is on the 4th of the priorities when deciding on a healthcare professional under the Accenture report of 2019.

So, the online option to book a doctor’s appointment plays a vital role in satisfaction with certain medical services. With this app, you will get the best of modern care. Both patients and doctors take advantage of all the technological advancements and automate and optimize their valuable time. 

Here is a strong number that of online medical consultation scheduling:

6% of appointments scheduled online for some-day slots, while 20% are scheduled for next-day slots. As you can see, how convenient it is to have an app for online doctor appointment scheduling. It is expected that these numbers will exceed in the future. Practo, ZocDoc, and Appointfix are some great examples of popular online doctor apps.

Must-have features for doctor appointment booking app development

If you want to provide more benefits to your patients, you need to use these key features when building an appointment app. These features show what patients look for with the convenience and security of mobile healthcare management. 

#1 – Doctor and clinic information

Any healthcare app should include complete and up-to-date information about available medical service providers and locations for personal appointments. Make your app user-friendly with a simple and robust search. Also, you can include doctor education, experience, and parking information for the convenience of patients. 

#2 – Full Profile Creation

If you want a secure way to save your patients’ information, full profile creation is the best feature to incorporate in your app. You need to focus on the end-user more than your business when developing a doctor appointment app. Make sure the profile section includes their name, address, contact information, and preferred physicians or locations. 

#3 – Calendar-based Scheduling

A mobile app with calendar-based scheduling helps patients schedule their appointments. This mobile app includes guidance for time limits for different types of checkups and treatments. 

#4 – Distance Healthcare Consultations

When developing a doctor booking app, it is essential to add more than just a scheduling feature. Consider adding a communication component to your doctor’s app if online consultations are not suitable for your type of care. 

#5 – Online Prescription Management

Inform users about their prescription drugs, including potential interaction, dosage instructions, and potential side effects. 

Many other features exist for the doctor appointment app. But, the ones you ultimately incorporate rely on your treatment styles and the maximum benefit to your patients. 

Now, it’s time to know about the stages of developing a doctor appointment booking app.

Stages for doctor appointment booking app development

Stage #1 – Project strategy and estimation

Planning a successful doctor appointment app takes more than choosing features. The complete process starts with an in-depth consultation and deep research about the business’s needs. It also includes what you want for patients. 

Stage #2 – Creation of UI/UX 

Apps are successful only if they are delivering benefits to end-user attractively and intuitively. Thanks to UI/UX design. Both developers and designers work together to create a user experience and user interface that makes people install the app on their smartphones. 

Stage #3 – App development process – Doctor Appointment Booking App

Hire a dedicated team with the knowledge essential to develop a great app and comply with all App PlayStore rules. They handle the development process to focus on providing quality medical help to people who need your care. 

Stage #4 – Quality Assurance

After finishing the development stage, the quality control and assurance step make all the difference in launching a high-quality and error-free product. This test not only looks for problems but also optimizes speed and usability. For best results, QA includes inspection for security weaknesses. 

Stage #5 – A Successful Launch

All the amazing features in the world provide no benefits if you can’t market the medical booking app effectively. And market your app online to tell your patients about your mobile app. 

Hopefully, you have now understood everything about doctor appointment booking app development. Also, you can get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company for a reliable doctor appointment booking app. 

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