Google to stop its 16-year-old service

Google stop old service: It’s an end to Google Bookmarks which gives access to its users to save the pages digitally of one’s interest. The giant search engine is going to shut down this service which has been present for around 16 years as a helping hand.

It has been declared that Google Bookmarks will be closed for all users globally. But the spokesperson of Google in an interview with GN of Times Of India tech has stated that starred or saved locations in Google Maps are going to be there as usual and all the starred places of the individual are going to remain intact and one will still have access to save places just like before in a list format.

In the interview, the spokesperson mentioned that after 30th September 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be in existence depicted in an advertisement banner that is running on the Google Bookmarks page.

The company is giving an opportunity to its users to export their bookmarks to another search engine till then. Users can get a copy of their data by visiting and click on ‘Export Bookmarks’ to save their existing data.

If one looks towards the Bookmarks and can conclude that it is not a very popular service and its closure is more likely to affect the starred location feature in the Google Maps which are saved within the Google Bookmarks.

Google stop old service, The two tools are reported to get sync and it will going to shut down the services of Google Bookmarks also means that the users Starred or saved locations will also be removed and it does not have any clarification so far.

This is a one-way out for Google Bookmark users according to 9to5 Google and to switch the lists of Maps saves in Bookmarks as starred.

The services provided by Google Bookmarks were pretty advanced when it was launched in the year 2005.

Google stop old service, It provides cloud storage to users as a service and allows them to save their bookmarks with annotating features of notes and labels which helps in sorting and searching data and saves them time on the internet to search for the previously used sites.


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