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Marketing Elements: We keep talking about website and mobile application development, but we often forget their promotion and marketing. So today in this blog we will be discussing application landing pages, its uses and purpose.

One thing is clear; in today’s time creativity is at its peak so is competition and efficiency. Surprising buyers with something new has become the most tedious work. But still one has to stand ahead of its competitors by coming up with something unique where both buyer and seller are benefitted. Every day in Google play and App store we see number of different applications which can be quite confusing. Hence the application idea that one has needs serious scrutiny to sustain in the application world.

marketing elements mobile apps
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After the inception of crazy application idea, one needs to work on the implementation process. Understand your target customers, their value and demands and then think ahead of everyone to get the mobile application done. To make your application popular, along with the building one has to think about its marketing well before inception. So, here arises a question, how do we measure success of an application? We there can be two things that are important, one is the number of users who downloaded it and secondly, number of users who are constantly using it.

Now at this stage mobile application landing pages can be the answer. It is one such page where you place all the important information for the user as introductory page. Introduce your app to the world in advance and show them the benefits of using it and make them leave their details on this landing page like contact number or email. Promotion of application before even launching and creating the database of users is the new trend nowadays.


This can solve our two purposes, firstly, understanding the future of the application and secondly, participants can be involved in application development too by asking their valuable suggestion on how it should be or if they want any additional feature. This way the application becomes popular before launching catering all the needs and issues.

Landing pages should be used at all stages to get genuine feedback from the users. This would help in gathering information about the target audience and their needs. The information when properly integrated during application building can help in making it successful.

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