Top Key Metrics to Help Measure Your Brand’s Instagram ROI

Instagram ROI: Social media like Instagram plays a key role in branding efforts. 

Brands usually invest a massive budget in digital marketing these days. 

The main reason for that is that the online business is growing exponentially as compared to the brick-and-mortar business. 

You need to analyze what you are investing in and what is the actual return. 

It can be crucial to use the ROI(Return On Investments), the ROI calculator should be used to find your rate of return on your investments.

The rate of return calculator also enables you which strategy is fruitful and where you need to invest more to capture more and more clients.

The ROI measures all the action you have taken on social media and what you have gathered in return. 

The return on investment calculator actually regulates your social media strategies. 

For example, you are investing more in the direct marketing strategy. But it is not as fruitful as the compared perception of the brand-related groups.

There are two key metrics to measure your ROI on the Social media and the Instagram:

Metrics for calculating the ROI on Instagram:

There are two main types of matrices for finding the ROI on Instagram to judge the performance of a brand.

  • Tangible or measurable metrics
  • Intangible metrics or unmeasurable metrics

Tangible metrics for the measurement of Instagram ROI: 

KPI ranking is the bread and butter of any digital effort, it provides us with evidence of your performance in the digital marketing environment.

The KPI is a measurement of performance over time for a specific objective or for a brand.

The KPI depends upon the following indicators:

The Audience growth:

Audience growth over a period of time is essential to increase your ROI on Instagram. 

The Successful brand always keeps a close eye on the growth of the audience. 

You may wonder how to calculate ROI, it is simple if the growth of your audience is growing over a period of time it means your ROI on Instagram is also growing as you can feel more customers are coming to your website.

The Reach and impression – Instagram ROI

Try to increase the reach of your clients by participating in various Instagram groups and chatting groups. 

A brand that has a better reach can attract more and more customers towards its brand. 

If you are increasing your reach to the new markets and widening your already reached market, then your ROI calculator would show exponential growth in your Return on investments. 

You may be considering how to calculate return on investment, it is simple just divide your total investment over the period of time you are getting.  

Intangible metrics or unmeasurable metrics

 Data and numbers are great for your brand to receive the maximum ROI but there are intangible factors to get the maximum profitability. 

These factors are also essential to make your brand competitive in the marketplace.

Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is the key to getting the maximum portability from your marketing campaigns. 

Companies are investing heavily in brand awareness, to tell the clients what they are offering and what is their need and wants. 

All the marketing efforts usually focus on that, if a company is able to increase brand awareness and keep a close connection with the clients. 

You may wonder how to calculate the rate of return of your investments, it can be easy if you are increasing the brand awareness of your brand. 

The ROI calculator is a tool to define your rate of return for a brand.

Customers satisfaction level:

The customer satisfaction level is one of the great attributes of your ROI if you are keeping a better customer satisfaction level. 

Then the ROI calculator would indicate you are getting enough return from your investment on social media. 

All of your investment returns depend upon your customers’ satisfaction level. 

A brand able to satisfy the clients can gather the best ROI and your ROI calculator indicates the best return on your investments.


The ROI is one of the most essential for the brands when they are going to invest in social media campaigns. 

Brands can get the best out of their marketing campaign if they are keeping a better eye on the tangible and intangible factors of their marketing campaigns.

The ROI provides you with a better understanding of where your brand is standing. 

And this is something we can help you with to develop and expand your business! Get in touch with Yugasa software labs, as we have a team of experts who will help you measure your Brand’s Instagram ROI.


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