Social media is one of the most sought after application by both the users and the businesses. In the beginning of the year 2018, around 42% of the world population used social media and almost 40% used the social media platform through their mobiles. This can be attributed to the increased features available on smartphones today.A Social media App has the ability of customer retention as the main focus of the app will be to help people communicate with their close ones. This can be considered a huge benefit for companies as they will not have to deal with customer retention once they set up a good social media application. Once the app is up and running they can then use to publish ads of their company or also rent the space on their app to other advertising companies and start making money out of it. Also social media advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising in this era of technology.

The reason behind why a  company should consider building a social media can be broadly classified into these categories, viz. Interactive network, greater reach and creating memories. A social media basically creates an opportunity for the people in it to interact with each other, thus making them feel that they have a voice in the community or social life. Also, it is just not the target audience who get to know what is happening in the social media app but also their friends and their friends. This ensures that the advertising company gets a bigger market to operate in. No other app can create a memory in the minds of the users as created by social media apps, which will be able to collect every tiny detail of the user and then remind them of the memories they had. Thus a good social media app has the ability to take your business to an all new height.

Yugasa has been doing Websites and Mobile Apps for Social Media Startups since many years now. Social platforms for Friends, Colleagues, Doctors, Food Lovers, Match Makers, Activists, Alumni Members, Sports Athletes are few of our such creations.