Over the decade, FinTech has been one of those industries that have had a rapid growth. With increased number of smartphone and internet users have started looking for easier and safer ways to handle their financials. This is provided by the FinTech industry which uses technology to improve the financial activities of individuals and companies. A FinTech app can be built for the following purposes:


e-Wallets can be built to help users to make payments to various individuals and organizations. Users will be able to load their money securely into these wallets to make payments. Now it is also important to ensure that e-Wallets help users to receive payments as well. Some of the popular e-Wallets would be PayPal, TransferWise, Paytm, etc

Account aggregator apps:

Apps can be built to collect the data of the consumers to keep track of the same. These aggregator apps can then be linked to e-Wallets to make the payment process easier for the consumers.

Mobile banking:

With the use of internet for almost anything and everything, the need for banking sectors to create mobile apps for fund transfers, account opening, checking statements, etc has increased. Using secured networks an effective mobile banking app can be developed.

Investment technology apps:

These are one of the emerging categories under FinTech app development. An investment app helps investors to connect with potential businesses and vice-versa. It can have features like evaluation of a company, details of investors, amount of investment required and so on.

Yugasa has worked on multiple mobile apps and websites relating to Fintech domain. An app which acts as aggregator of US eWallets or a mobile app enabling complete online banking through mobile or an eWallet itself for an Automotive portal are some of the challenging Fintech projects we have done recently.