We connect technology and healthcare services to ensure better health for all. The healthcare industry has its own standards. We ensure that those are strictly met when we give the healthcare organizations and professionals the cutting edge digital solutions to improve their ability to cater to the needs of their patients. Our solutions help them build a more personalised relationships with the patients and ensure they are cured at the fastest pace possible. For companies in the healthcare sector, we can help in the following ways:

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be used to connect the doctors and their patients in a very secure manner. An app that lets the patient to share the details of his/her progress can be built to ensure fast recovery and the doctor can monitor the recovery with the patient having to go to the hospital for every small detail. Online prescriptions and video consultation are few other important functional features of such apps. Our team is well aware of industry standards and practices like using ICD10 data or GDPR norms while building such products.

Healthcare information exchange:

With the technology supporting in maintaining and processing the big data, this is one if the most essential services that any healthcare facility would need from latest technical solutions. All the information about a patient can be made available in one place to access it when required within seconds by all the stakeholders who have a say in the treatment being provided to a patient. Applications can enable so in a secure and stable platform where such information about the patients can be exchanged without any hassel.

Fitness apps:

Fitness is something that almost everybody is worried about today. No matter what age a person is, he will certainly want to stay healthy and fit. We do fitness apps for startups who are willing to tap this opportunity and build apps for this health domain. Apps which can help people track various activities that they do, such as how much did they walk, steps climbed, weight lifted, water that they drank or track their sleeping pattern as well. And all this can be integrated well on wearable devices as well. We have done apps for iWatch and Android Smart Watch for a similar purpose.

Apps for Pets HealthCare

Websites or mobile apps for pet care centers to provide facility of online bookings or to have video call consultation for pets treatment is yet another business domain which is picking up fast and needs an extensive backup from technology. We have built custom solutions for our clients to let them use such online consultation solutions and help their customers in an efficient way.

Yugasa holds expertise in building mobile apps and websites for health domain. We have done out of the box applications supporting smartphones and smart watches. Our deeper awareness about the domain like popular APIs similar to ICD10 make us a perfect vendor partner for developing health domain apps and solutions.