How To Make An App Like Instagram

How To Make An App Like Instagram: After two centuries of fast progress, photography has gone a long way from being a luxury to a massive part of our daily lives. 

Nowadays, your cat may have more images than a royal family could afford only a few hundreds of years ago. 

The photographic culture (or should we say cult?) is a considerable component of contemporary civilization. 

To record a moment with high-quality and stunning images, you no longer need to invest in a high-end professional camera. 

At the end of 2016, the number of images shot by smartphone users had reached 2.08 billion. 

Every smartphone has a camera, so practically everyone can shoot images and share them through social applications. 

What Is Instagram and Who Developed It 

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger took advantage of it back in 2010 — when Instagram was initially founded. 

Since then, the service has been gradually developing and gaining popularity, reaching unimaginable heights. 

It is now the uncontested leader when it comes to exchanging photographs, and it’s well-known throughout the globe. 

The official statistics supplied by the service seem great. 


Instagram users publish more than 80 million photographs every day, they like the photos 3.5 billion times a day, and the monthly auditory reach is more than 400 million people. 

It’s practically hard to enumerate all the activities that photo-sharing applications may utilize: parties, vacations, self-advertising, and much more.

Instagram Bussiness Development – How To Make An App Like Instagram

While the platform hosts 32 percent of teenagers, the photo-sharing app also welcomes audiences of all ages actively utilizing the Instagram platform. 

These data demonstrate that, despite inaccurate public perception, there is a substantial possibility that your target audience is logging into Instagram.

And you need to be welcoming them with content when they do. 

In addition to the sheer breadth and variety of users, 90 percent of Instagram users follow companies, with two in three company profile views coming from non-followers. 

This spontaneous engagement with companies stands in striking juxtaposition to other social sites. 

Take Facebook, for example. Still, Instagram received a 1.60 percent median engagement rate for each post on Instagram. 

That’s a substantial difference that tips the balance in Instagram’s favor. 

So what does it take to develop an Instagram-like app from scratch? 

While there is a leader in the industry, it doesn’t imply any room for new challenges. 

Nothing is impossible if you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and what you want to share with the community. 

So, let’s say you’ve chosen to make an app that would be comparable to Instagram and enable you to post photographs. 

The first item to pay attention to is the interactive map for Instagram users: 

● Authorization (establish a new profile or sign in to an already existing one through social networks) 

● Editing the profile (add, amend, or remove your data) 

● Posting photographs (upload the pics, describe the persons, add the hashtags) 

● Timeline (follow, like, comment) 

● Social features (having the opportunity to share the post or invite your friends from Facebook) 

● Photo modification (crop it, rotate it, apply filters) 

● Location (allow the location service to obtain your geo-data through photographs shot in the app) 

● Messenger (text and picture

● Notifications, push-notifications 

● Search (username, just name, hashtags, post description)

It’s also crucial to pay attention to the UI of an app. 

Instagram may be an excellent example of a basic, elegant, and easy-to-use design. 

You can discover the expected time required to construct an Instagram alternative split down into functional pieces in the table below. 

Speaking about the design, UX will take between 64 to 96 hours. UI will most likely require 48–64 hours. 

Additional design aspects take 16+ hours, depending on how challenging your duties are. 

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to develop a beautiful logo for your product, which will allow you to propel your brand further ahead of the competition. 


The important efficiency indicators 

When you establish an alternative to an app like Instagram, you’ll likely need to incorporate some distinct features to leave the competition in the dust. 

It doesn’t make sense to design an app 100 percent similar to Instagram since they already have a committed customer base. 

The most excellent technique is to bring on fresh new ideas while keeping an eye on the most helpful Instagram features at the same time. 

We’ll highlight some of the essential signs that you’ll need to pay attention to if you want to check on your app’s popularity and progress:

 ● The number of active users 

● The users’ involvement 

● The app’s capacity to retain the user

1. Active users 

Goal: To bring as many new, loyal users as feasible. 

You may check on this statistic by looking at the facts on the acquired and lost users and how quickly the user base expands. 

Ways to accomplish it: Media marketing, let the people know about your product and have them speak about it as much as possible. 

Create social network pages, engage your target demographic, and employ professionals specialized in marketing. 

Those things need to be done early, like 3–6 months before the app launch. 

Referral program: reward your users for introducing friends and providing great feedback by giving them free additional filters, picture effects, and other helpful functionalities that might assist them in making the experience better. 

Attracting high-profile users and utilizing savvy PR: every app for picture sharing has notable individuals. 

Such prominent consumers may boost your product’s prestige and popularity. 

It might be a favored customer or a celebrity. You may entice them with the aid of free PR companies on your sites or free early access to your goods. 

Moreover, you should offer information that would be attractive to such folks. 

2. User involvement – How To Make An App Like Instagram

Goal: To make consumers spend more time on your app and log in more frequently. 

The participation level may be determined by the action that takes place in your app: likes amount (new and overall), transmitted media amount (new/recent/overall), and so on. 

Ways to accomplish it:  This may be done by loading your app with social features, such as comments, likes, groups, friends, followers, channels, instruments to make a profile distinctive and different. 

To attract a prospective audience, you’ll need to provide high-quality sound editing tools that fulfill the demands of experts. 

Ensure that the expert photographers receive the most significant terms, and they’ll pay you back by making your app distinctive and putting their premium material in your app.

3. Keeping the user 

Goal: To make sure people come back to your app. 

Ways to accomplish it:  Send push notifications every time anything noteworthy occurs. 

Since your users will presumably be predominantly young people, send the alerts and messages at the correct time (in the morning, when they’re getting ready for school or college, or later on to encourage them to spend their spare time on your app). 

React to the input from your users, whether it’s favorable or harmful. It’ll show everyone you care about the individuals who use your software and are even willing to showcase their comments. 

Launch various promotional events so that your users become engaged with everything that occurs inside of your app – and earn a profit on these events. 

These elements are significant since they reveal how enjoyable your app is for your target audience, what profit you can earn, and where you need to go next to make your app even better. 


One other element that most people are interested in, alongside the price of building an app, is how to monetize it. 

There are various methods to create profit with the assistance of your app: 

●  Sponsorship and advertising (businesses develop their profiles and market themselves) 

●  In-app purchases (just as far as your creativity goes — you may offer filters, effects, or let the users smell their photographs) 

●  Special incentives for active users.



So, what do you need to do to build an alternative to Instagram? Just the following

●  Analyze the market, and create your plan 

●  Get investors to assist you 

●  Find the developers that’ll design an MVP for you 

●  Design your marketing campaign and deploy it a few months before the official app launch 

●  Add some unique functionalities to your app to make it distinctive 

●  Test it to ensure the most excellent quality of your services 

●  Enjoy your (hopefully) successful app! 

Don’t forget about your rivals, however. 

Always be sensitive to what occurs in the market and the current trends. 

Remember, the greatest has no limitations, and you may always grow even better. 

If you introduce a product that will meet people’s demands and be pleasant and lovely to use, success will undoubtedly follow. 

As you can see, how to make an app like Instagram is the key instruments of social marketing today. 

So, if you genuinely want to make an Instagram alternative and are ambitious enough to do it, then I hope that this post has been helpful.  

Get in contact with Yugasa Software Labs immediately, and we can establish the basis of your company and growth requirements!



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