Why Whatsapp has banned Millions of accounts in India

WhatsApp banned 3 million accounts: Facebook Inc-owned messaging platform Whatsapp has recently announced that they have banned more than 3 million Indian accounts in 46 days from 16th of June to 31st of July.

The company has got around 137 reports for accounts to support among which one of them was auctioned and has got over 316 requests to ban accounts and this is stated by the messaging giant in the second compliance report which comes under the new Information Technology act 2021.

Whatsapp has stated that they have taken actions against the Indian accounts with the observation of prevention and detection methods based on India’s new IT to act 2021 and Whatsapp’s terms and conditions of services and the reports of users received by grievances for violating the laws through 2 medium.

The mail received by the chief grievance officer of Whatsapp regarding the violation of the law and terms and condition of the app or the questions which has been put forward about the accounts on Whatsapp which has been published in the help center or by the mails received by India’s Grievance Officer by the post stated by the grievance officer of the Whatsapp.

All the complaints received by the grievance officer from the Indian users under the grievance mechanisms have been evaluated and have been responded to the issues faced by the users.

WhatsApp banned 3 million accounts, The action took by Whatsapp under the new IT act 2021 where the app has banned about 3 million accounts from that more than 95 percent of such bans are because of unauthorized use of automated messaging in stack one can conclude it by saying spam in India.

The company has stated that after 2019 that the number of spam accounts has been increased significantly because their system has become more sophisticated.

In the very first compliance report that has covered the time between the 15th of May to 15th of June where Whatsapp has banned some 2 million users.

On this, the search engine giant Goggle has stated that it has removed about 15 lakh pieces of content from the web portal based on complaints they have received.


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