India to hold 10th rank in UN Global Cybersecurity in 2020

India has developing cybersecurity systems and reached out to the 10th in ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index of 2020 by leaving behind 37 countries. The ITU’s (International Telecommunication Union) Global Cybersecurity Index of 2020 whose rankings demonstrated the country’s development and commitment towards cybersecurity.

The mission of India being a permanent member of UN on this Geneva stated that India was the fourth country from Asia-Pacific nations. India has scored 97.5 in GCI in the ITU report. Which suggests the development in the cyber services of the country.

The third iteration of the Global Cybersecurity Index was released in 2018 in which India ranked 47 having a global score of 0.719. Also, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan are the other countries from the Asian-Pacific region that are away ahead of India in the rankings, and Singapore and South Korea tied up at first place in the regional rankings.

In the fourth edition of the Global Cybersecurity Index last year, the ITU assessed all the member countries by their level of development or engagement based on five pillars which are legal measures, technical measures, capacity measures, organizational measures, and cooperation. The aggregate score which is the sum of all the measures determined the rank of each country.

According to the International Telecom Union for every pillar, the country has to make a commitment which was assessed through a questionnaire or online survey that also needs to have a piece of supporting evidence for the provided answer. With the consultation in a committee having the group of experts, all the questions were weighted in an order to conclude to give an overall Global Cybersecurity Index.

So in the fourth edition of the Global Cybersecurity Index India scored 97.5 meanwhile the United States ranked first with a score of 100 and Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom have a tie on the second rank with an actual score of 99.54 each and Estonia which left behind with a slight difference and holding the third rank with the score of 99.48 at the global level.


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