Google to Auto delete OTPs after 24 hours as per safety of Indian people

Google Auto delete OTP: As there are a lot of tasks and services which is linked to a unique email account or address these days or to the phone number of an individual to authenticate the identity of the individual before proceeding forward.

Sometimes we get a lot of OTPs(One Time Password) in the period whenever one switches for services in the new device one must need to log in and for which that person needs to verify himself with the generated OPT.

This procedure is beneficial for identification and this helps in verify the individual whenever one makes a payment through net banking, and debit and credit cards. As in result, these OTPs will start clogging the inbox of the individual and make it difficult to find the messages that are important to you but due to the issue of so many emails one cant be able to pay attention to them for the period.

Google has decided to take the action against this issue as in the latest Google Messages update which offers a feature to automatically delete the OPTs after 24 hours.

Google stated that with their new Google Message app they are trying to offer a seamless and helpful experience on Android Devices. They stated that they have heard during feedback from many Indian users that they are receiving so many messages from family and friends, businesses sending promotional messages, order confirmation, receipts of orders, and more.

Google Auto delete OTP, So many incoming text messages can have one’s attention, and it seems difficult to distinguish the important ones from the stack of everything else. This feature is brought to help every individual easily manage their messages. As of now, the app has two new updates for the Messaging app to share.

Last year the company expanded spam protection to help reduce the number of unwanted messages by automatically shifting the suspected spam messages directly into the spam folder. This update is brought to keep the inbox free from the stack of messages.

They are also providing the option to automatically delete the One Time Password after 24 hours after the time of receiving which will save time for deleting every single message manually.


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