Govt launches e-Santa: An E-commerce platform for aqua farmers

Govt launches e-Santa: Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal today introduced an electronic commercial center ‘eSANTA’ which will give space to associate aqua sellers and purchasers. 

Goyal said that e-SANTA will help increase farmer’s income, way of life, independence, quality levels, and will provide new selling options to the aqua farmers.

The e-SaNTA for marine items is an excellent example of integrating e-commerce with farmers to empower them as they will sell their produce at the snap of a catch through this entry. 

e-SANTA (which implies mandi or market) is an advanced extension to end the market partition and will go about as an elective showcasing instrument among ranchers and purchasers by killing mediators, he said. 

Here’s a gander at how e-SANTA will assist with engaging ranchers: Govt launches e-Santa

e-SANTA site will plainly engage the water ranchers of India with another and advanced arrangement, with an extra elective method of selling their items. Presently, the ranchers can sell on a tick of a catch from this stage. 

For better understability, the site is accessible in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Odiya. There are plans to make the entrance accessible in different dialects as well. 

The stage will likewise give more opportunity, alternatives and freedoms to fish and water ranchers as well, it will likewise guarantee reasonable costs and recognizability to the two purchasers and venders. 

As of now, there are around 18,000 ranchers who are adding to the country’s’ marine fares. 

The utilization of present day devices and methods can help in expanding shrimp creation to 6-7 lakh tons from 40,000 tons. 

The stage offers types of assistance like simple enlistment, subtleties of purchasers and merchants just as help grow the business and guarantee better costs to ranchers. 

“The stage will change the customary method of completing business from a verbal premise to business. 

It will likewise raise the lives and pay of ranchers by lessening hazards, familiarity with items and markets, and protecting against wrong practices. 

Conventional water cultivating will likewise reform by giving a credit only, contactless and paperless electronic exchange stage between ranchers, exporters and homegrown business sectors. 

The priest recommended that the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) ought to have a rating framework for the two purchasers and dealers on the entryway as one can see the appraisals and make choices appropriately.


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