Google has banned 8 dangerous applications from the Play store Go check it out and uninstall them

Google banned 8 dangerous apps: It is a well-known fact that cryptocurrency mining has attracted everyone’s interest in the last couple of months especially. However, it was tracked that the hackers are using public interest in cryptocurrencies for tricking innocent people and making them install malicious apps on their smartphones that too contain malware and adware.

Here is a piece of good news for everyone that the Google has identified all these malicious actors and has removed them successfully from the Play Store.

Google banned 8 dangerous apps from the Google Play Store that were misleading the audience and users as the cryptocurrency mining applications and the users are promised of earning huge profits by investing money in the cloud-mining operations which proved out to be a scam.

A report by security firm Trend Micro stated their analysis upon all these eight malicious applications that were bluffing the victims for watching advertisements along with asking the users to pay a subscription fee for using the service which is 15 US dollars which is about 1,120 rupees roughly in Indian currency for every month.

The user is also asked to pay an extra amount for boosting the capabilities of mining without getting a single penny in return. The company has reported its analysis to Google Play and that made the company take up the follow-up action which leads to the removal of the applications by the company.

There is an issue which is needed to be fulfilled by every individual who has downloaded such applications before and has them on their devices are needing to uninstall those applications all by themselves.

As it is deleted from Google Play Store but if one is having these apps in their phones needs to check and uninstall such malicious apps from their phones quickly. Google banned 8 dangerous apps, Here is the list of the 8 dangerous and malicious applications removed by the Google Play Store.

The applications are as follows Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin, Ethereum, MineBit Pro, Daily Bitcoin Rewards, BitFunds, Bitcoin 2021, and Crypto Holic.

These applications have tricked thousands of users till now but one can now avoid themselves by getting fooled by such things and be aware of such applications and check the reviews before installing such applications.


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