Can facebook new Live Audio Room is going to give a tough fight to Clubhouse

Facebook Live Audio: Some months back Facebook has officially declared some future updates that will be available to the users. One of the features includes Facebook Live Audio Rooms which is similar to the clubhouse. This feature is currently accessible to the citizens of the US and has an iOS device to function.

The feature is launched on Monday as a live audio service with which one can podcasts and stream. Facebook is allowing only public figures and selected public groups to create live audio rooms.

The company mentioned that the selected podcasts will be only available to listeners in the US. In the upcoming month, Facebook is going to add more public figures and social and public groups to host Live Audio Rooms and introducing new features and a better experience to both the creator and the listener in the upcoming month. Facebook spread this message with a help of a blog post.

The new feature is launched by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and he hosted the event and showed how one can use this feature for live audio streaming and the podcast. The testing and development of the app are done in Taiwan.

One can access the option of Live Audio Rooms in the news feed itself. The feature also allows the host of the Live Audio Room is also going to get an option to select during their podcast/conversation for nonprofit or fundraiser to collect funds for some cause.

Facebook also mentioned that listeners and speakers can directly donate money from Bank account, Mobile Wallets, and UPI. Facebook allows the host to add up to 50 speakers during the live audio session and had no limit for the number of listeners so that anyone interested can join any preferred audio room on the platform.

The host can invite followers, friends, public figure, and listener in the room as a speaker. The feature will also give access to one individual to scheduled the Live Audio session in which he/she is interested. As soon as the session starts the person will be notified.

The Live Audio room also gives features such as live caption, hand raising during a conversation, listening to audio in full screen, and also when the screen is turned off.


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