TCS Global HR Head – 75% of TCS employees to permanently work from home by 2025

TCS Global HR Head: The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted companies to get their workers to operate from their homes. Although it was easier for some businesses to move from a home model to work, others are still adapting. Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS), which previously had just 20 percent of its staff at home, has now relocated 90 percent of the teams to operate from home as a result of the lockdown.

The organization is now preparing to move 75 percent or 4.48 lakhs of its global employees (including 3.5 lakhs in India) from home permanently by 2025. TCS chief operating officer NG Subramaniam was quoted in a Business Today report saying, “We don’t believe that we need more than 25% of our workforce at our facilities in order to be 100% productive.”

The new model reportedly called 25/75, would need less office space than is currently occupied. Subramaniam also told the publication that under the new model, every employee would spend only 25% of his or her work time in office, that is, of all team members, only 75% of the project team will have to be in a single location.

In a recent clarification regarding this model, the company said, “3.5 lakh is an India figure but doesn’t represent the global figure, and TCS Global HR Head is aiming at bringing this change globally. That number is 4.48 lakh. This is not a model that will be applied to TCS after the pandemic but something that aspires to reach by 2025.”

TCS rapidly shifted 90% of its employees to operate from home through its Secure Borderless Workspace (SBWS) operating model. In a letter to employees, TCS CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan said, “We have come out stronger and our model is more proven than ever before.” Gopinathan also told employees that SBWS had seen 35,000 meetings, 406,000 calls, and 340 lakh messages across the network.

TCS Global HR Head it is worth noting that the Consultancy giant has invested in the development of SBWS over the last few years. “We have come out stronger and our model is more proven than ever before,” said Gopinathan. 


Meanwhile, IT industry veteran Senapathy (Kris) Gopalakrishnan recently told PTI that more than a million IT sector employees are expected to continue to work from home even after the coronavirus-inflicted lockdown is lifted and the situation returns to normal. Former President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) told the Agency that the IT services industry has been effective in moving people to work from home during this time.

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