Why does Hotel Business Need a Mobile App and Cost to Build a Hotel Booking App?

Hotel Booking App: If you look at the market leaders (like Hilton or Marriott), they all have apps for hotels. And that’s not because they don’t know how to spend their money.

You don’t need one unless you’re a big hotel giant with lots of hotels, so if someone is looking for a hotel in your area, they probably won’t be looking for your app, they will use something like booking.com or another hotel search engine to find you.

Now if you want to improve the guest experience, be able to serve them in new ways, and compete in today’s economy of on-demand service (turn your hotel experience into an Uber-like experience), then an app is a route.

interesting. for your hotel. While apps incur the periodic delay of downloading new versions, they provide features not available on mobile webs, such as two-way messaging, notifications, iBeacon integration, Apple Pay, keyless entry, and improved performance (to name some).

Apps allow your hotel to offer to “do things you couldn’t do before.” These additional features serve repeat customers well to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How could you benefit from a hotel booking app?

Well, customer retention is one thing, your app would primarily focus on your existing customers. Offer your customers special offers, easy check-in, availability check, etc. Use it as a way to improve the experience for your customers, but don’t rely on it as a method of getting new ones.

As other people said, a system optimized for mobile devices will be much better at winning new customers, as more people use their phones for the Internet than a desktop system. Especially users who are looking for a hotel that is already away from home.

The benefits for guests below: Hotel Booking App

  1. In recent years, you may have noticed a trend towards an increase in the popularity of mobile devices. Most people choose smartphones over PCs and even laptops. Therefore, it is more convenient for them to use a mobile application instead of going to your website.
  2. Users can reserve a room at the best price since there are no intermediaries such as online reservation services that charge a fee from you or clients.
  3. Detailed information about your hotels is another benefit for guests. When moving on vacation, people want to be sure that all the things will be superb. When they know all the important information about your hotel (such as its location and available services), they are more likely to stay there.
  4. Through the mobile application, guests can take advantage of special offers. For example, you can give them 1 night free if they book 7. Or you can offer them good deals before they are seen on the website. Everything is limited only by your wits.
  5. The application may also include several additional functions that will be useful to users. It can be a map showing the way back to the hotel, a city guide with information on the main attractions, or even a map of your hotel.
  6. Using the guest app you also get access to additional services. For example, they can order a meal in the room or request an unscheduled cleaning.

What are the benefits for you?

  1. The app increases your brand awareness.
  2. You will get more income by multiplying the number of reservations.
  3. People are more likely to visit your hotel again if they have your app installed on their smartphones.
  4. Improve the level of quality of service in your hotel.
  5. You also get an additional way to communicate with your guests.
  6. It is possible to run successful marketing campaigns with the help of a mobile application.

Types of hotel business models: –

The business owner needs to understand the type of business model her company works on and decide on a specific business model working online hotel reservation system.

So it varies from the merchant model, aggregation model, advertising model, and dedicated model. Let’s understand each of them:

1. Merchant Model: What happens with this hotel booking mobile app is that the app owner will have an agreement with the hotel to get the rights to multiple rooms and then they will get a discount due to the wholesale rate.

That you can sell these rooms to the guest through your application. Now the price of each room and hotel can be very flexible and can change according to travel demands.

2. Aggregate model: this is the best-used model with simple logic. These types of applications are connected to online booking services, so when a user starts looking for a place to stay, they are shown a unified list of hotels but with several price options from numerous booking platforms.

3. Advertising model: This model is similar to the aggregate model because it also involves listing rooms at many different hotels. This is the kind of the third party that allows you to make money from your hotel booking app design. Development of a hotel booking application that uses this model to earn income through pay per click. The owner will get the specified amount for each user who has been redirected to the hotel applications.

4. Dedicated model: If you already have established companies that have their applications and many regular customers, this business model may be the one that best suits your needs. The development of these mobile applications for hotels is not only for programming purposes, but also accepts special requests made by users during their stay.

How much does it cost to develop a hotel booking application?

The cost is highly variable. What features do you want? Will you handle payments? Geolocation, native (if it is native you need multiple versions for Android / iOS / etc.) or hybrid? The list goes on.

Making the app is the easy part, getting people to use it and getting value out of it is the hard part. The vast majority of applications are wasted investments, as the costs extend far beyond their creation. Market them, update them, etc. it can be quite expensive.

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