Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in India

SAP FICO Courses in India: SAP commonly stands for software used for systems, applications, and products in the data processing. SAP FICO is included as one of the modules in SAP ERP.

SAP FICO courses deal with certification in finance and Cost controlling modules in SAP ERP. Here FI is for financial accounting and CO is for controlling.

SAP FICO course helps to get detailed information about the financial accounting and cost controlling aspects in SAP ERP and mastering its application on ECC software.

This course enables an organization to control, plan and handle entire financial transactions for them.

In simpler words, SAP FICO training and software application helps organizations to produce and manage their financial data that is eventually used for analysis and decision making for the organization’s functioning.

India is known for its Unity in Diversity. India has a rich history of education. One of the oldest universities is situated in Bihar, India. With great emphasis on the education system, India is now introducing many new courses along with traditional courses.

Many institutes and training centers offer multiple courses to enhance the skills and knowledge to achieve success in the future.

SAP FICO is one such course that is highly in demand. With SAP FICO certification, one can start his career as an SAP FICO consultant, account and finance executive, senior analyst programmer, etc.

Today’s article will highlight the top 10 SAP FICO courses are available in India. As mentioned above, SAP FICO is a sub-module of SAP ERP software. It is a highly benefited course that will enhance knowledge and skills like problem-solving and decision making.

Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course

Henry Harvin Education stands third for offering the best SAP FICO courses in India. One of the oldest educational institutes with a vision to shape individuals and organizations by offering various business training, courses, and content-related services.

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is ranked number 1 training institute for offering the best cooperate training. They are one of the pioneers in offering and promoting professional training and certifications in India.

With the traditional way of teaching, many have faced a gap between theories and practical applications. Henry Harvin aims to close this gap by offering skills-enhancing courses. The courses and training offers are beneficial for freshly graduate as well as experienced professionals.

About Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course

The SAP FICO offered by Henry Harvin is ranked 3 among the top SAP FICO courses offers in India. Their course is also recognized by the government of India.

The duration of the SAP FICO by Henry Harvin is 44 hours of the live instructor-led online class. The course materials, e-access are also provided through their learning management systems (LMS). 

After completion of the course, they will issue the completion certificate. After the certificate one can choose to do internships that are offered in various faculties in SAP FICO.

The trainers for SAP FICO courses are experienced and industry experts. They are well-known individuals in the industry and have successfully delivered 500+ lectures.

Candidates will also get to work on hands-on and real-time projects related to the SAP industry.

With its gold membership, candidates will get 100 % assistance in job placement, regular monthly boot camps, multiple pieces of training for one year.

Henry Harvin offers two types of teaching modes; self-paced and online instructor-led courses. The fee for a self-paced SAP FICO course is Rs 26550 with lifetime access and 24/7 team support.

On the other hand, the fee for live instructor-led SAP FICO course is RS 29500 with one-year gold membership, time flexibility, and video recordings.

Henry Harvin also offers 

Also watch SAP FICO Tutorial

2. Udemy

Udemy is an emerging online platform that offers SAP FICO courses in India. Udemy offers multiple courses in SAP FICO.

Their courses cover every module related to SAP. Their course will help to simplify the process of problems related to business accounting and financing. 

SAP FICO courses offered by Udemy help its candidates to learn the end-to-end aspects of submodules of SAP FI and CO. The learners should have basic knowledge about the working of business processes, accounting, and financing.

Udemy gives lifetime access to their SAP FICO courses to its candidates. One can take these courses on their PC, tablet, or mobile as per their convenience. They will also provide study materials and other articles.


Aptron is one of the best SAP FICO courses offered in India. It is also one of the oldest institutes in Noida that offers SAP FICO and other IT-related courses.

The course offered by them is designed according to current trends of the IT industry. The curriculum consists of well-designed modules and courses sessions. 

The trainers at Aptron have more than five years of experience with industry trends. They give the basic to the deep knowledge of theoretical and practical knowledge about SAP FICO. Also, they give personal attention to every candidate. 

Aptron is facilitated with a smart lab that gives access to study material, articles, recording of sessions. After completion of the course, candidates get a course completion certificate, mock interviews, and job assistance.

Aptron also offers hostel facility to its candidates that wish to take the course at institutes. They offer their courses on weekends and also help special sessions of group discussions and doubt solving.

4. TechVidya

TechVidya offers SAP FICO courses in India. They are one of the oldest institutes that offers IT and software-related courses and training. 

They have carefully designed their curriculum keeping all trends related to the SAP industry in mind. Their courses are compliant to beginner to experienced level of trainees.

At TechVidya, the courses are comprehensive and live online training. They have covered each topic related to SAP modules easily and understandably.

The trainers at TechVidya have more than 10 years of experience and are well versed with theoretical and practical knowledge of the SAP industry.

The duration of the SAP FICO course offered by TechVidya is 90 hours with the mode of teaching both online and offline. Candidates also get to experience and work on live projects. After completion of the course, one will get a certificate and 100% job assistance.

TechVidya has successfully trained 2400+ candidates and has reach placement experience with collaborations with some get-good companies such as Essel Group, Godrej, India Bulls, etc.

5. Atos India

Atos India is one of the best and leading institutes that offer the best SAP FICO courses in India. Established in 1999 they have more than 20 years of experience in SAP training. Being the first institute to offer SAP-related courses, they constantly change the teaching methodology in SAP-related courses.

Their well-designed curriculum enables the trainees to embark on themselves as SAP professionals with the highest salary packages. The comprehensive teaching mode help in understanding all submodules of SAP FICO. Along with SAP training, they also help in personality development. 

Their centers are located in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. After completion of the course, one can get placed and enjoy working on some real-time projects in the industry.

6. iClass Training Network

iClass Training Network is one of the institutes that offer the best SAP FICO courses in India. They have many centers across India.

They have designed their course to deliver a real-time and placement-oriented approach. The curriculum included SAP FICO learnings from basic to advanced levels. After finishing the course, candidates get placed in good MNCs companies quickly.

iClass hires trainers that are well-experienced and have knowledge of the real-time working methodology of the SAP industry. They have great lab facilities, well-documented study materials, practical approach to all the teachings.

iClass Training Network offers multiple batches including weekdays or weekend training. Their course is tailor-made according to the candidate’s requirements. After completion of the course, they will issue a course completion certificate, assistance in resume building and job placements,

7. QuickXpert Infotech

QuickXpert Infotech offers SAP FICO courses among the other institutes that offer similar courses. The course is best suited for the professionals working in accounting and financing as they have a better understanding regarding the same.

At an affordable rate, QuickXpert designed their course structure to help to understand the basic concepts related to SAP modules. Their course comes with an integration with the rest of the modules of SAP ERP.

With highly experienced trainers, the institutes believe in giving a practical approach to their students. They also assist them with resume building, interview preparations, and job placements.

8. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

ICAI offers one of the best SAP FICO courses in India. Among their many SAP-related courses, they call their SAP FICO course a Power User Course. 

The course structure provides a detailed idea about SAP and its financial and management accounting processes. By taking this course, one can close the gap between the basic and practical implementation of SAP-related studies. 

They offer 100 hours of online learning with e-access to their specially designed LMS for a year. Extra 100 hours are also provided for the doubt clearing sessions.

During the course, one can be a part of the SAP learning hub. After completion of the course, one will get the joint certification of ICAI and SAP. The course fees vary according to the professional experienced. It varies between Rs 15000 to 20000.

9. Gangboard

Gangboard is one of the online platforms that offer SAP FICO courses in India. Their well-structured curriculum aims to deliver detailed information from basic to advanced levels of SAP FICO learnings.

The course duration of the SAP FICO course at Gangboard is 30 hours with additional 15 hours are provided for assignments submissions. To date, Gangboard has successfully trained more than 2000 students from the beginner level.

All the sessions are offered online with one-on-one training with the certified trainers. The course material, video recordings can be accessed through their exclusive LMS for a year.

Along with e-access to the LMS, one will get a 24/7 support team, assistance in interview preparations, resume building, and job placements. Before making the final decision, one can attend their free trial session. The course fees are around Rs 30000.

10. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is one of the training institutes that offer the best SAP FICO courses in India. The training centers of Besant Technologies are located in Chennai, Bangalore, and the US. They also offer an online training platform.

The duration of the SAP FICO course offered by Besant Technologies is 30 hours spread roughly across 30 days. During this duration, one will get detailed knowledge about the concepts of various modules of SAP Fico.

The trainers at Besant Technologies are certified experts and allows students to interact and gather the most information by holding interactive class. These trainers have more than 7 years of industry experts with work experience in companies like HCL. 

The fees for this course are Rs 23000. After completion of the SAP FICO course, they will issue the well-recognized certificate. They also assist you with the job placements.   

Why one should learn the SAP FICO course?

  • SAP FICO course will help to have a better understanding of the SAP sub-modules FI (financing) and CO (controlling). 
  • This knowledge will enhance the skills that are required to analyze and solve business-related problems.
  • Having SAP FICO course certification will make you eligible for high-paying job opportunities and can give you a successful career.

Who will get benefited from the SAP FICO course?

  • SAP FICO industry is a demanding industry in terms of knowledge about finances. The most suitable candidates that will get benefited from it are; 
  • Financial executives
  • Students who want to pursue the accounting and financing industry.
  • The working professional who are willing to upgrade themselves to the higher position. 
  • Graduates from a Finance and accounting background.


SAP FICO courses give a better understanding of financial accounting and cost controlling for a business. To be able to solve and plan the financial problems of a business, a basic understanding of how finances works in an organization is a must.

SAP FICO course module will exactly provide this understanding. If you are willing to make a career in accounting and finances that are related to a business then SAP FICO courses in India will be a great choice.


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