Covid-19 Vaccination Drive: How technology can help in it?

Covid-19 Vaccination Drive: We are still on the trajectory of this global pandemic as a society, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

As encouraging as the vaccine news is, it begs the question, “How do you get this vaccine into the hands of everyone around the world?”.

This will be the largest public health campaign ever attempted, making it the exceptional logistics challenge of 2021. Organizations, carriers, and logistics companies will play critical roles in ensuring the quick and effective delivery of vaccines.

Covid-19 Vaccination Drive-Technology Dependence

Last year, the world learned an important lesson: “Digital solutions are most effective if deployed before the emergency begins.”

A modern-day digital solution will not only mitigate the impact of the “unexpected,” but will also lay the groundwork for streamlined vaccine delivery and distribution system.

Technology is critical to the safe, dependable, and impartial distribution of the vaccine, and strategic partnerships will help us achieve our objectives and meet the challenges ahead.

The Solution

Tech firms are now working on global goods solutions, that will allow the government to track and support all stakeholders before, during, and after the vaccination process. As well as provide analytics to track vaccine delivery progress.

  • The solution will provide direct digital support to healthcare providers supplying vaccines via apps.
  • Educate people getting vaccines via messaging,
  • educate vaccine managers and supervisors via dashboard and analytics.
  • community advocacy via the dashboard, analytics, and messaging.

Screening, vaccination, and follow-up are the three key phases of vaccine delivery that are being developed.

The Process

[1] To Track

  • The supply chain for the COVID-9 vaccine distribution requires a flexible and efficient module. As a result, many logistics companies are deploying IoT-enabled tools to track and maintain Covid-19 Vaccination Drive temperature.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can use these IoT-enabled devices to track and measure temperature during transportation and use passive data loggers when the vaccine arrives. Companies can now focus on the blind spot within the supply chain using data-driven IoT sensors that are Bluetooth enabled, reducing losses from theft, handoffs, retesting, and spoiled products.

[2] Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to expand the arsenal of vaccines available to Covid.
  • Various AI-enabled demand-forecasting tools can assist pharmaceutical companies in anticipating demand and consumption shifts, reducing stockouts and wastage while increasing immunization opportunities.
  • From active pharmaceutical ingredients shortages to temperature management, AI systems have the ability to provide autonomous supply operations where decisions about allocating materials and distributing products made.

[3] Management

  • Many companies are utilizing the cloud’s power to provide customers with more vaccine management services.
  • Vaccine Management Solutions will allow for supply chain visibility, patient-provider engagement, and real-time vaccine monitoring via the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Vaccine Analytics Solutions, for example, is an integrated Covid-19 data and analytics tool that helps stakeholders understand the population and geography-specific vaccine uptake.

Commitment is essential

Ironclad collaboration across partners and agencies will be essential to the effective distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is inevitable that these technologies are enacted on time and modified to meet the needs of governments and healthcare customers all over the world.

We’re all enthusiastic to work together to help and harness the power of digital technology and innovation to effectively and safely deliver the COVID-19 vaccine.


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