Pnagy-IoT App


Pnagy-IoT App

About the Project:

App intends to be a digital cabinet for old aged senior people to order their medicines on a mart dispensing machine PoS without feeling bothered to remember name and other details of the medicine. So the user can take a photo of the medicine wrapper or packing and add details as to when should he consume that medicine. Based on the no. of pills or quantity, app reminds to place an order for new batch of medicines. User can visit any Smart PoS and can connect himself through that smart PoS by a QR Code scanning. After a validity check and after user being connected through smart PoS, he can place order of all those medicines which are due to be bought. Smart PoS will dispense the medicines and money will automatically be paid to the PoS merchant through app.

Our Role:

We understood client requirements thoroughly and built an MVP for the iOS app. All Design, Development and Testing of the app was done in-house. Crashalytics was implemented to monitor the app’s performance and assisted client during UAT of the MVP development.


– As per the requirements ‘iCloud’ had to be necessarily used to save images taken in DMC(Digital Medical Cabinet).
– Animation on the home page was quite unique. Since it was an MVP and hence limited screens available so we had to put more efforts to show the content in the app in an elegant way. Button was made to move on the curve manner in a specific path when user scrolls the button. And this was changing the page views.

Values gained

We have found the alternative to save the images on the iCloud, Now we have saved the images in the custom album name (My DMC) under the ‘Photos’ app in the iPhone. An excellent and user friendly MVP got ready for client to show it to his intended Beta Users.