Tim Berners Lee code is up for auction

It is known to everyone that what Tim Berners Lee is best known for. He is known for his contribution to the field of the internet and that is the “World wide web”.

Now it is known to everyone what is the basic use of W3/WWW that it is an interlinked hypertext which stores data on web pages on the internet in different locations. Now the original code of the www is for auction. For the auction Tim partnership with Sotheby’s House. 

Tim mentioned that he would be auctioning his digital code of WWW. The code consists of nearly 9,500 lines. He also mentioned that the code is a non-fungible token(NFT) and has to be reserved. The bidding of the code will start from 1000 dollars.

He mentioned that many people who have an interest in collecting digital goods will be going to look forward to bidding on it. The code is handed over to the buyer with the digital signature of the scientist. Many factors have been mentioned that the file provided after the auction will be real and this will be proved digitally. 

Well now a question arises in everyone’s mind and that is why? What is the need to do so? In reply to this, Tim Berners lee mentioned that he is known as the father of www and which is a revolutionary change in the field of technology and had impacted and gave birth to many other new innovative ideas.

He stated that it is 3 decades ago he brings out this revolutionary idea to the world which required him to have so much research and collaboration of so many different scientists who helped him to achieve what he had dreamed of.

He also mentioned that this the best masterpiece of his life as a digital artifact in which he has created his life and had ownership. As he also declares all the money received by the auction will be donated to the charity.

The Sotheby’s house confirmed four elements that would be delivered to the buyer. First is the source code with the time original timeline, second a letter from him telling about the procedure of the creation, third decrypted code of nearly 9,500 lines and last a digital poster consisting of whole code by him with the use of python.


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