Software Development Trends in 2020

Software Development Trends: There is no doubt technology has come a long way. But the exponential growth in software technology is even more astounding. As the hardware becomes more compact, more powerful, and offer support for newer functionalities, the software development has gotten a huge boost. Today we will talk about the current trends in the world of technology. Specifically, in the world of Software development.

Software Development Trends –

Software Development Trends in 2020
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Trend 1: The rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is already ever-present. Whether it is stock market or autonomous vehicles, AI has made its way into every corner and is only improving. The entire world is moving towards a future where automation and software plays a major role in everyday life. Even today, one can look around and see how much we have started being dependent on AI for our everyday tasks. There is no doubt AI is here to stay and grow.
In 2020, we have already started working on a large number of AI-related projects whose intention is to improve the quality of life for everyone. Surgical implants based on X- rays, automated testing, and code generations are some of the major examples.

Trent 2: Blockchain

As we dive deeper into the world controlled by machines and programs, it becomes important to make sure they are not misused for any malicious reason. This is where Blockchain comes into the picture. With its strong security, it stands as a perfect candidate to help secure the Internet of Things networks.
No one wants their data stolen. So companies all around the world are investing in the development and integration of this technology in their systems. This will ensure the safety of their data. And this is also the reason why Blockchain might be the fastest growing software development trends in 2020.

Trend 3: Internet of Things (IoT) – Software Development Trends

IoT has been around for quite some time now. And considering its constant place in the top software trends, it will most likely be a topic of interest for companies for a long time to come. While it is still in development, you can still see its usage in the form of Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung’s smart appliance system.
Internet of Things is a collection of physical appliances and devices connected and interchanging data via the internet. This allows it to open a secure, reliable, and user-friendly software solutions for quality of life and other improvements. Since this creates a huge marketing opportunity, companies are trying their best to take lead and present the technology to the consumers.

Trend 4: Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are web pages, designed to look and work like a native mobile app. The idea is to give the user the best of both worlds – the comfortable UI of native apps and the fast and reliable experience of a website. Since they are built as web apps, they offer advantages like less storage and memory usage, better SEO and higher conversion rates, etc.
Businesses like Adobe and Google are already benefitting from the PWA integration on their websites. And as time continues, more and more companies are starting to use this technology to boost their business. So, it is of little doubt that PWA is only going to grow more and possibly replace the native apps for good.

Trend 5: Cloud Services

Cloud serves have now been around for quite some time. It also plays the main role in the development of two of the previously mentioned technologies, Blockchain and IoT. Both technologies require cloud computing to work properly. The market too is shifting from physical data services to a central cloud system. This is because of the transparency and lower overall project cost offered by cloud services. Also, it offers developers the opportunity to innovate.
Services such as Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) are already used by business giants to boost the efficiency of the development process.

Trend 6: AR, VR, and MR

It may have started on humble grounds but the AR, VR, and MR technology has come a long way. These are now common terms in the business world. There is an entire market segment for immersive technologies and even though it is still under development, it is only growing exponentially.
AR is currently used for training purposes and VR is becoming popular in the videogame industry. It was a long-lived desire of humanity to make the technology more immersive, to allow a user to feel as if it’s real. As a software developer, these technologies open windows to the exploration of new and creative fields.



After going through the list, one can get a rather clear picture of where the software industry is heading. To developers, it creates opportunities to learn and work with these new technologies to develop and innovate. For businesses, it helps by putting forward the latest cutting edge technology on which they can work, thus boosting their sales. And as for the people who will benefit from everything, the consumers, it brings more convenience and entertainment without too much hassle.

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