US along with big tech giants Microsoft and Google is all set to invest 30 billion US dollars in cybersecurity in 5 years

Microsoft Google 30 billion in cybersecurity: The government of the U.S. has recently stated that the country is going to work in collaboration with big tech giants to hammer out the recent guidelines for improving the security of the technology used in the supply chain.

President of the U.S., Joe Biden now has appealed that private sector executives work on raising the bar on cyber security.

In the meeting which held in the White House with the U.S. President Joe Biden and the members of his cabinet, executives from the Big Tech Giant companies, infrastructure companies, and the finance industry stated that they would do their best to control the growing threat of cyber-attacks which is affecting the U.S. economy.

Biden has also stated that the federal government alone can not meet this challenge. Biden asked the executives of the big tech giant that they have the power, the responsibility, and the capacity to fulfill the goal and the president has a belief that they would work efficiently in raising the bar of cyber security.

After the end of the meeting, it was concluded that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has to work in collaboration with the tech giants and finance industry, and other partners to achieve the new guidelines for the development of secure technology along with assessing the security of technology which also includes open-source software.

Big tech giants and finance industries such as Google, Travelers, Microsoft, and Coalition who is cyber insurance providers and committed that they would participate in the new initiative led by NIST.

Microsoft Google 30 billion in cybersecurity, Cyber security is raised as the top of the agenda list for the Administration of Biden after the continuous high-profile attacks on network managements companies like the Colonial Pipeline company, Kaseya (software firm), JBS (a meat processing company), and SolarWinds Corp.

Cyber attacks on these companies have affected the United States far beyond the imagination because it is not just companies that hack in the whole scenario the fuel and food supplies were affected to a large extent.


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