IIT Delhi to get Rs 170 crores for development on robotics

IIT Delhi get Rs 170 crores: New Delhi: On 14th August department of science and technology sanctioned Rs. 170 crores to institute of technology Delhi. This amount was sanctioned under the national mission on interdisciplinary cyber-physical systems (NM-ICPS)  to set up a hub for collaborative robotics (cobotics).

This technology innovation hub at Delhi will be called the ‘I-hub foundation for cobotics’ (IHFC) and it will act as a section 8 company with the board of directors and chief executive officers. 

IIT Delhi get Rs 170 crores – This institute will aim for technologies where robots should be able to work together with humans for maximizing the benefit of human intelligence with robots’ precision and ability to work tirelessly in an environment where the humans cannot work.

“The I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) will not only perform research in the area of Collaborative Robotics i.e. Cobotics but also proactively translate the outcomes into products for the benefit of the humanity,” said Professor V. Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi.

He also chairs the board of the company under the NM-ICPS programme. The institute has also collaborated with all India institute of medical science and new Delhi post-graduate institute to submit 2 robotic applications respect to COVID19 said professor S.K. Saha.

she added, “Besides, a seed grant of more than Rs. 02 Cr has already been allocated to faculty for hiring Ph.D. students and initiate research for the IHFC. We have also advertised for the post of CEO, IHFC.” 

IHFC will have 50 faculty members at IIT Delhi and 50 odd faculties from universities of India as well as UK, USA, Korea, Japan, and others.

The research at IHFC will be majorly focused on medical robotics, agriculture, disaster management defense, and smart manufacturing (industry 4.0).

During the pandemic, robots are being used more than ever to act as a catalyst.


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