Government plans to free the IT industry from unnecessary compliances

IT Industry in India: PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that their government is finding a way to liberate the IT business from tedious guidelines. 

Talking at the NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum 2021, Modi referred to the changed guidelines on geospatial information, making it unreservedly accessible in the country for development and IT organizations. 

During the time of the lockdown, it was the IT sector which kept on going forward and kept on supporting various families.

IT Industry in India, The IT industry has shown a boom in India since the early 2000s and yet again it is proving to be the best in the industry sector.

The various startups like GoIbibo, Oyo Room, Byju’s, and many others force people to keep going on the path they like.

The change is made explicitly for Indian organizations through refreshing the current rules relating to creating map innovations. 

The Prime Minister complimented the Indian IT industry for running the business in any event, during Covid-19 limitations. 

According to the reports, the Indian IT industry is set to grow by 2.3 percent in the financial year 2020-21. 


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