Google’s new feature provides Step-By-Step Solution to Math Problems

Google new feature: Google Search – one of Google’s technology which every kid around the world utilizes – regardless of whether it’s for discovering info on some venture they’re chipping away, to become familiar with something that is arousing their interest or making notes for tests.

Children additionally use Google to learn math and attempt to sort out some way to tackle problems.

However, presently Google needs to take this to an all-new level by enabling children to practice and learn science through more intuitive encounters. 

Google new feature, Google has bought two new features into Search – revealed by them in a new blog post.

The first is a component called ‘practice problems’ – an intuitive element that would test the kid’s information on math, science chemistry, and other STEM subjects. 

Google new feature – Step by step instructions to empower practice problems on Google Search 

To empower math practice problems on Google Search, all the user needs to do is look for subjects like ‘chemical practice problems’. 

The page will instantly open taking in content sourced from ed-tech brands like BBC Bitesize, Byjus, Careers360, Chegg, CK12, Education Quizzes, GradeUp, and different stages.

It is likewise broadening into various types of mathematical problems by collaborating with Symbolab Mathway and Tiger Algebra. 

Point by point clarifications for numerical questions 

The subsequent component is an explainer included for maths Problems. Essentially type in the numerical question in the search bar or use Google Lens over the mathematical question in your book and it will offer a definite bit by bit answer on tackling that specific problem. 

For students who need to comprehend where they turned out badly, or to gain proficiency with a powerful method of taking care of issues.

Google has likewise declared that it is chipping away at improving outcomes for complex STEM questions and will offer point by point clarifications for those inquiries just as focused assets on such subjects for the understudy to additional read on.


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