The must-have modern features while launching a futuristic ECommerce mobile app business

E-Commerce mobile app business: In the beginning, eCommerce was really about getting products online cost-effectively. Now, we are moving into the more exciting phase of eCommerce – Jason Goldberg, founder, and CEO of 

In today’s internet era, selling and purchasing goods has become seamless with e-Commerce app. In 2018, it represents an average annual growth of 17% and reached approx $3.015 bn revenue in the US. The success of an e-commerce app like Amazon doesn’t solely rely on the products’ quality. 

The success of an e-commerce app like Amazon doesn’t solely depend on products’ quality, several factors affect the success of an e-Commerce business.

So, if you want an app like Amazon for your eCommerce business, here are some features you should integrate into your apps whether it is for Android or iOS platforms. 

4 Must-Have Advanced Features For E-Commerce mobile app business – 

Here are five advanced features for your eCommerce app like Amazon for Android or iOS platform:

#1 – In-Store Integration

The gap between online & on-location shopping experiences gives retailers a great chance to engage their customers on a personal level, driving shoppers’ loyalty and sales.

Amazon’s mobile app is one of the examples of combining two worlds to increase brick-and-mortar shopping. After entering the store, the app automatically transforms into Store Assistant. 

With this app, shoppers can:

  • Create sophisticated shoplists
  • Locate the wanted items with in-store maps
  • See which services are offered in this store and department hours

#2 – Augmented Reality – E-Commerce mobile app business

More than half of shoppers said that they use an augmented reality technology if a mobile app offered it. 61% of shoppers would shop in a store that offers AR on the list of its eCommerce features. 72% have bought they were not going to make due to AR technology.

Many retailers put effort to obscure their competitors by offering a highly curated experience that blends the best of in-store and online shopping.

When a user picks a product from the catalog, the app renders the selected furniture to show how it will look in your home.

#3 – Social Integration

41% of m-Commerce customers want their apps to have an option to share the content on social media accounts. Social integration enriches the user experience. It satisfies people’s desire to connect with others, keeps them more engaged within the apps, and adds a feature to the shopping. 

For this app, sharing with friends feature can’t only enhance traffic but also lead to higher sales. Amazon app’s part Spark allows users to search its inventory with a shoppable feed of stories photos. New users create a feed of customized content from their followers.

You can purchase a product with a simple click of a button on the icon. Redirecting the social activity from third-party sites and apps back to Amazon is the main aim behind this feature. 

#4 – Chatbots – E-Commerce mobile app business

As per the survey of 2017 Statista Worldwide, 34% of respondents said they get customer service from AI chatbots in online retail.

Many brands have already adopted AI-powered chatbots to improve customer service, offer customized recommendations and drive sales. 

As Ubisend 2017 Chatbot Survey states,

  • 70% of consumers are motivated to interact with chatbots due to get instant answers to their questions;
  • 43% of respondents identify companies offering chatbots as innovative;

Chatbots serve serves as another channel for deals and making mobile purchases. It helps to establish a reference point and dynamic communication with potential clients on their way to the checkout page. 

Here are two ways:

  • These platforms are multivendor/multi-seller which means not only admin but multiple sellers can sell their items through the platform
  • Buyers can shop multiple items and that too from different sellers. So for example I may buy shoes from seller 1 and six from seller 2 and a T-shirt from seller 3. Order to all the sellers will be placed simultaneously and they will be able to see all their orders individually while the buyer will see all his shopping under one heading.

So, these are the most important features you can use for your Amazon-like app for Android/iOS. If you are looking for a dedicated mobile app development company with reliable eCommerce apps for business, get in touch with Yugasa

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Yugasa is an iOS app development company that has many years of experience in developing eCommerce apps.

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