Having an agency but not having a news app? Build a profitable news app by hiring Yugasa

News App: Magazines and newspapers are no longer the only sources of information. In reality, the media environment has shifted drastically.

Like two-thirds of Indians, you can read posts on Medium, where everyone can share their stories, search aggregators like Smart News that bring together articles from multiple sources, and find digital news among other posts on your Facebook page.

However, both of these outlets, especially social media, are fraught with fake news and clickbait. Remember Facebook’s fake news fiasco, and you’ll understand that more than 71 percent of The population mistrust social media, while just 36% trust newspapers.

People seek news from reputable outlets, such as well-known news organizations (BBC, The New York Times, and others). These agencies’ engaging news applications will pull in a lot of revenue.

The Guardian announced in their 2019 annual report that users of the Guardian mobile app account for 29% of their sales.

In 2018, the New York Times estimated that there were over 3.3 million paying users who created $544 million in sales.

Building a dedicated news app can be a perfect choice if you’re trying to get more customers and revenue for your news agency.

This is a millennial generation that wants everything fast. Sitting on the couch and watching the news does not fit the appetite of a millennial.

For them, a superfast, personalized, minimal, and accurate news app is their go-to. Thus, building a very-own news app for your business can benefit you to attract a major chunk of digital users.

What to keep in mind while building the app?

Why do people chat about news on social media or by independent blogs rather than on your website or app?

Users get a replacement for a busy social life, news about their peers and celebrities, video and audio content, and games while they use social networks.

And, although competing with social media may seem to be a suicide mission at first, there are certain things you can do better — or at least as good — than they do.

So, let me take you through some essential points to keep in mind while getting your app developed.

1. Ease of usage – News App

News and networking applications’ navigation and content layout are also shortcomings. If your content is well structured, you will attract more loyal customers for your news app:

  • Writer, genre, and subject searches are all included in the advanced quest.
  • Breaking and famous news are among the categories served by news feeds.
  • Article selections and papers saved for later reading

2. Make your app social

Get the news app as entertaining as social media to inspire users to use it daily. You will tell your readers by saying:

  • Using threaded responses to rate and vote on content.
  • Influencers and press segments are there to be followed
  • Quotations from journals are exchanged.

3. Supply diverse content

You can find a variety of audio and video content, as well as live audio and video feeds, on social media.

Why not have those content available in your news app? Short documentaries, political discussions, and market analysis will all be viewed on your smartphone.

Makeup tips and fashion week commentary can be included in an online fashion journal.

For news, Video News is one news app that has adopted this approach. The software delivers two-minute (or shorter) videos and podcasts that contain whole news stories. Check out our guides on audio and video streaming applications if you plan to incorporate such features in your software.

4. Maintain perfection of content – News App

According to a survey taken by The Daily Source, 40% of journalists worldwide said their news organizations may not have a person in charge of evaluating and assessing calls for corrections.

Using an autocorrect function is one way to easily manage errors and corrections.

Even though papers undergo a period of editing and revisions, users still notice and note errors.

You may use the Scribendi proofreading API to illustrate and recommend corrections to texts in your admin panel before publishing to reduce the number of such errors.

Seems difficult with so many things to keep in mind, right? Why not getting a development team that is up to date with all the trends and will make your job a lot easier? Yes, you’re at the right place!

We at Yugasa not only believe in developing the best quality apps for our clients but also delivering them keeping the best trends in mind. It not only lets our clients stand-out but also lets them be unbeatable at their niche.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!


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