About the Project:

jFireworks is a Danish project which sells fireworks to predefined retailers and also to the end clients directly. People who wish to purchase from portal but want to pick their items from a nearby retailer can also do so. Whole eCommerce platform was custom built from scratch.Users can buy loose articles or in boxes and can return them partially. Different promotions of the sale are also managed from Admin section. No buyer can avail two offers at one time.

Our Role:

Yugasa understood the client requirements and took little longer to understand all possible corners of the business domain. We coordinated with client’s designer to ask for different page designs. Since we were very clear about the project requirements hence there had been instances during project progression when we guided the client designer to design pages in very specific way. A complete eCommerce system was built from scratch because no ready to use CMS could had handled the project requirements with ease. We did backend of the project in PHP and frontend in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.


Fireworks was a new domain for us and we had to quickly learn some finer regulations of the trade. Building an ecommerce solution which considers amount of NEC per cart was one outcome of such learning. No single order was allowed to have a specific maximum no. of NEC (Net Explosive Content) in that cart. Apart from this other challenging part to handle in this project was to let user return partially used fireworks. A person who ordered 2 boxes of a firework could return just half of that box during a specific period. Inventory management was a challenge in such a condition.

Values gained

A new domain was worked on. jfireworks is a unique portal in its business domain. It is functionally a robust product and looks very elegant aesthetically.