About the Project:

GFCS is a social welfare mobile app, where users can raise fire emergency alarm informing nearby fire station, GFCS, builders and their relatives through one click in case of emergency. Application is featured with Free live tips and call facility for fire station directly also. The app which is built only for the Android platform carries a feature enriched Admin section to manage the app content and user registration on it. Not every user can register on the app and start using it. App is specific to be used only by those users whose residential societies or corporate office buildings are registered on the app first. Reason to have such a restriction on user base is that every user who joins the app community does so against a specific building. Complete building map and emergency exits plans of a building are then shared with all users connected with that building. A user can also access quick contact details of nearest fire station as per his own current location. Apart from the mobile app, client has his official corporate website too which is used to convey messages about Fire Safety and business domain. Website also intends to sell Fire Safety learning courses.

Our Role:

Thorough study of the business domain and learnt about Fire emergencies Designed multiple UI designs, complete architecture of the app and its thorough testing Decided complete workflow of the app in consultation with client and launched the app in time Attended media conference with client as technical team for our client’s app. Designed UI / UX of the website for client and developed the website using WordPress.


Business domain was new for us and the client was non-technical. Setting up a balance with client team and launching the first version of the app in a very short duration to launch infront of a big media conference was a big challenge. The business idea was very unique and newer thoughts were indeed making the requirements to change almost on weekly basis. Such volatile practices in handling SRS of the project was a major challenge for us.

Values gained

A quality app, first of its kind in India, was launched well in time. App is a must to have thing by every individual to safeguard himself from fire emergencies. First version of the app was rolled out for a news conference within a very small span of time. Yugasa CEO, Ashish Mittal,was asked multiple queries about the app by national news channels and media houses during this press conference.