Dishguru is a unique concept which offers restaurant search and food selection online only for corporate users. The app addresses the practice of those problems when a corporate employee travels to Israel from some other country and seeks information about best nearby food joints. Instead of asking this information from individual colleagues during some official travel, he can simply download this mobile app and can login using his corporate email ID.

Soon after he joins his office community on the app, he gets toknow about different nearby hotels and restaurants, details about complete menu along with the rate list, and reviews about any particular dish in a restaurant by his or her own colleague. Dishes are rated on three parameters i.e How filling is that on stomach / Taste of the dish AND / How fast can that be prepared.

App uses an API for fetching data of all restaurants of Israel.This is called 10bis data which works only during Israel working hours. So if one tries to search the restaurants during non working Israel hours, then he will see only those special food joints which work during odd hours. Users who use this app can certainly post their own ratings also for any new dish which they may try on their own. Dishes which are posted on the app for review can have multiple images and clicking on these images open them in landscape view automatically. Maintaining the image ratios for showing them in different variations was a small challenge during the end days of project delivery.

App aims to be used for searching restaurants while a corporate individual is on tour to Israel and select dish in that restaurant wisely as per his or her own preferences. It silently and nicely creates a social networking also with in employees of a company.