cash case


CashCase is an e-wallet aggregator. Through it, people can register for new wallet accounts on any of those wallets which are integrated with CashCase. They can load money in their e-wallets, can see updated balance of their respective e-wallets in one app, can see the total of their e-money distributed in different e-wallets and can even transfer money from one wallet account to another wallet account.

The user’s credit & debit information gets stored in the database & this data is then transferred to the respective wallet service provider in XBRL format. The cron jobs are scheduled to generate this report every month. We had also integrated Banking APIs so that users can transfer their wallet balance to bank & vice versa.

CashCase was launched specifically for the Indian market after demonetization burst happened in India. Team worked on the product development right from the day one after the idea was conceptualized. Most challenging part of the project was to continuously communicate with different Banks and eWallet companies for seeking their APIs in a manner which should had been compatible to CashCase structure and carry all that information which were deem necessary for allowing users to access their bank accounts or eWallet accounts through CashCase.