Barbier Shop

barbier shop


About the Project: is a cute little ecommerce platform to sell personal care products for men. Platform utilizes default offerings of Shopify eCommerce to manage Admin section of the website. Portal is responsive in nature and is made to open well on mobile screens too. Website is elegantly crafted in modern looks. Normal ecommerce features have been provided in the website and speed optimization has been given a preference.

Our Role:

One of our full stack developers worked on the project. Starting from UI implementation to functionality development, everything was done by us. Shopify’s default offerings along with free and paid Shopify Apps were harnessed to implement the eCommerce functionality on the platform. We work for maintaining and upkeep of the portal and keep adding new features in it as and when client needs an update in the website.


Shopify is a well renowned and a good platform to offer ecommerce features to small business. Admin section of the CMS is also limited and rigid against customization. There had been instances with us when a small request from client took us more than expected time because of platform’s rigidness. One such challenge was about handling star rating of products. Showing ratings on product details page and on thumbnail in product grid view was one such challenge. We customized the script after much discussions with support team of Shopify Ecommerce and achieved it as per client’s wish.

Values gained

A quality project is delivered and consumers enjoy shopping on Barbershop website. A simple platform has enabled buyers to find some unique men’s personal care items online and buy them with an ease.