The Cost to Develop an App like Byju’s

Cost to develop an app like Byju’s: The educational circle is being significantly transformed these days by the welcoming changes driven by smartphone innovation. Byju’s accomplishment in India has impacted the educational process, making us consider the intensity of creative, more reformist m-learning solutions to being the reality. 

In this blog, we will look at several factors that decide the cost of developing an application like Byju’s

What is BYJU’S?

BYJU’S is a truly outstanding and driving online learning platform. It was established in 2011 by Byju’s Raveendran at Bangalore. In March 2019, it was the world’s most valued tech organization at $5.4 billion. It has approx. 9000 representatives (2020). 

In light of the concept of e-learning/m-learning, this application gives a simple and exceptional video class module in any event, for the most muddled subjects. This application covers grades 4 to 12 and gives different courses, for example, GMAT, ICSE, CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE, NEET, Bank Exams, and so on.

Benefits of online class – BYJU’S App cost:

1. Accessibility: It is open 24×7 over the globe. It is accessible to serve its understudy at any time. 

2. Effective: It is efficient because it spares us a lot of time. We don’t have to depend on a specific time to study. We can proceed with our studies at whatever point we need.

3. Offers: It gives engaging offers and discounts to their user’s or they may give the student some demo videos for a specific course so they can watch the recordings and if they like the video they can buy the course this causes them to grow their business. 

4. Student Progress Information: It stores the information of the student and shows the advancement report toward the finish of each quiz. 

5. Payment: It gives different payment alternatives, for example, credit card, debit card, and COD. 

6. Feedback: It for the most part takes reviews of their applications and their services so they can improve their work, features, and any mistake identified with the educating of the teacher. 

BYJU ‘S learning App Features:

Simple registration/login with a couple of taps 8Interactive secondary school establishment classes 6-12 math and science, and competitive tests, for example, JEE, AIPMT, CAT and IAS 8Free video exercises on current affairs, general science, and CSAT. 

Simple to step through tests to assist students with expanding their insight on state-of-the-art technology trends and history and so forth 8Practical membership choice to make the necessary course 8Chat window to get a moment to uphold on courses and fees and so on 

Let’s look at some factors which determine Byju’s like App’s development cost:

At the point when one needs to create a Byju-like application, the principal thing that animates his mind is how much it costs to develop a Byju-like application or how much money an application like BYJU Learning needs to develop. The cost of e-learning app development like Byju’s relies upon the accompanying key parameters: 

Software Design:

App design is one of the integral components of any cost of creating e-learning or m-learning programming. A great design (UI and UX) can urge understudies to interact with the application throughout an all-inclusive timeframe. A great design needs more investment, yet over the long haul, it offers a few tangible benefits. Yugasa Software Labs has proven experience with designing and developing Byju’s comparable application at a reasonable cost. 

Mobile platform (Android & iOS, etc.):

Byju’s application development for the iOS platform will cost relatively not exactly on the Android platform, as it permits iOS applications to test against fewer devices. 

Libraries and software:

Method of utilization by users of innovation and resources can likewise add to the cost concept somewhat. Numerous libraries offer open-source segments and software while others are paid for with membership fees during development. You can talk with the e-learning mobile application development company you decide for more exact insights concerning this factor. 

App size:

Application size alludes to the total number of features and usefulness the application may have that can be as video exercises or messages. You can decrease the cost of the creation of applications by offering preference to core features just in the application’s version 1. 

Post-Development Services:

There is a scope of application development company giving a develop, a powerful package of services, including post-development maintenance, updates, and advertising. In this manner, on the off chance that you find the proposition expensive, you can ask your innovation service provider if they give any of these post-development services, as well. 

App developers:

The cost of creating an e-learning application like Byju’s likewise relies upon the geographic area of the developers, their experience, and their degree of mastery. 

The cost of creating Byju’s like an application or any m-learning app is assessed on the accompanying fundamental and advanced features alongside the above factors. 


The basic replica of Byju’s educational app can be ready for around $25,000 if outsourced to an Indian app development company however a company like Yugasa Software Labs charges around $13000 dependent on the features and functionalities depicted previously. be that as it may, may shift somewhat from the sum referenced, depending upon the number of extra features you may anticipate that the developers to build. The investment would be justified, despite any trouble since we can perceive how much Byju’s success is.

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