Top 5 Reasons To Choose Vuejs For Web Application Development

Web Application Development: JavaScript has been playing a vital role in providing businesses to develop an interactive web page for their consumer and clients for more than two decades. JavaScript brings newness and helps to provide both client and the server side to function properly.

Vuejs is a technology that provides a progressive framework to build a user interface. This technology gives capabilities to developers to build with modern technology. Because of its scalability and easy learning curve, Vuejs is getting popular day by day. In the list of many JavaScript frameworks, Veujs stands out as developer’s best choice.

Vuejs was created by an ex-Google employee, Evan You. This technology was launched in 2014 for public use. This JavaScript framework has earned almost 77.4 million likes on Github for its exceptional functions and web interfaces. Some of the major reasons to use Vuejs for web application development are listed below.

Very Small Size – Web Application Development

JavaScript has seen success majorly because of its size. The size of the software has enabled  more people to use and like it. The size of this technology is only 18-21 KB. Also, it requires very less or we can say almost no time for the user to download it and use it. It is not necessary that due to the smaller size the speed decreases. Instead, the speed is faster comparatively. We can say that with such small size and high speed it easily beats all bulky frameworks like Reactjs and Emberjs.

Reusable Components

The facility to reuse a component is not new in JS frameworks. Majority of the JS frameworks components support this concept. But Vuejs provides a browser-independent component system which provides an edge to Vuejs than other frameworks.

Web Application DevelopmentEasy to Develop Applications

This framework is very easy to understand. This is also a reason for the popularity of this framework. Any user can easily add Vuejs to their website or project because of its simple structure. Small as well as large templates can be easily developed through these frameworks. Thus this saves a lot of time. Whenever an error is found, the user can easily find the block with an error. All this is due to its simple structure.

Simple Learning Curve

Before starting to work on Vuejs the developers should have basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Because of this reason Vuejs is preferred by web application developers at beginner level. The learning curve becomes very easy in Vuejs. And also it allows and forces developers to have some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.


One of the major features of Vuejs is its flexibility. The templates can be written in JavaScript file, HTML file or any pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes. This flexibility also helps to understand other frameworks. It makes it easy to understand for the developers of Reactjs and Angularjs or any other new JavaScript framework. It has provided a lot of benefits to the development of some simple applications that run directly from browsers.


Vuejs has very broad capabilities and potential to grow and help in web application development. Vuejs is a very new framework that came from the JavaScript world with  advantages and few limitations. To summarize, Vuejs has excellent performance, very small size, highly flexible, excellent documentation, higher adaptability, and easy learning curve are some of its major salient features. Thus, Vuejs is an excellent choice for business for their front-end development projects. Therefore it is essential to find a reliable VueJS development service provider to ensure that your web application development project meets the market need.

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