Are Web Bots The Future Of The Internet?

Web Bots Future: Many multinational companies are busy building bots for themselves to increase their revenue.

So what is a bot?

A bot is a piece of software that can execute a digital task that traditionally required humans to perform.

Having a bot doesn’t mean full automation instead it means engaging users with a program for automatic conversation or to mimic or simulate human behavior.

People search for many queries on your website.

Most of the time they have questions that can be answered within a few minutes or seconds.

They also hope to get an answer quickly.

People mostly have three types of searches informational, navigational, and transactional.

And the best part of this modern world is bots are there to solve these queries easily.

Many companies like Smartloop and Drift are including chatbots in their website design stage itself.

Web Bots Future 

are web bots the future of the internet


Not so long ago, all the chats required customer support.

But now with chatbots, everything is automated.

All the messages and interactions are fully automated.

Smartloop is a company that builds bots.

It has created bots that are powered by natural language processing (NPL), which means that we can ask any question in natural language and the bot will understand it and respond accordingly.

Interesting thing is that it also replies back to you.

Smartloop is also integrating its bots with browser notifications so that you are able to get in touch with people who visit your website and interact with your bot.

Bots are able to answer tons of questions of your users within minutes.

Also after answering the question of a user, a bot can directly suggest the item they are looking to purchase.

Think of this process done by customer support.

How much time would it take?

I have been buying things online for years.

I am especially a user who has lots of questions regarding products before buying them.

So I continuously message the company for the details.

Previously before bots were used it used to take a lot of time.

But now I get my queries solved within seconds.

Furthermore, I am very satisfied also.

So this bot facility is very helpful for companies and users like me.

There have been several advantages of using bots.

First, there is no friction in going to a new page.

Also if the user has questions regarding shipping, cost, delivery, and taxes bot can answer them.

If a user has abandoned their cart, a bot will soon give a remainder.

E-commerce companies are also fully reliant on bots.

These bots are used to recover abandoned carts, send coupons and discounts to users, and be a communication channel for shipping updates and also for post-purchase support.

Amazon is making website conversations with its recently launched DotBot domain for authenticating chatbots.

Also, the use of DotBot domain can increase your search ranking and increase the visibility of your website.

Apple is also doing similar upgrades with its map results.

You can now text local businesses and get a quick response from their chatbots.

If required bots also transfer you to human representatives of the company.

One of the best ways to make a bot and launch it on your website is by using a bot-building platform like Lex.

Lex is Amazon’s bot builder that allows us to build a chatbot.

And these bots can be deployed within 15 minutes on your website.

So don’t you think web bots are the future of the internet soon?

Above we can see that many well-established companies have already implemented chatbots and many companies are in the process of including chatbots.

Many of the users are already satisfied with the chatbot facilities.

This system is not only saving time but also saving a lot of money.

Previously a lot of money was spent on customer support.

But with chatbots, these expenses can be saved.

This is also major reason companies are implementing chatbots.

So what do you think? Are web bots the future of the internet?


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