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In the pool of the technologies for website development, PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is one of the most secure and the most popular languages for building websites. Being Open- source i.e. free to access anytime and anywhere and compatible with almost all the servers, PHP stands out in the market and leaves a mark in the tornado of new languages. The language that can fulfill every software role, for the right tasks, with being the most powerful and versatile, PHP language is easy to use for the developers and the new learners. For us, the definition of success is to transcend the innovative ideas into reality with the help of diverse professionals, tech expertise, who will leave no opportunity to turn your project into a well- developed website.

PHP Development Services

The services that we provide being a PHP Web Development company are:

Custom Web Development

A good web- design does attract more visitors to website, however, it’s the site’s compatibility, developed features, loading time and scalable, which attracts the users most and thus, your website gets a chance to stand out in the tech world. The custom web application can help in the following ways:

  • Makes the website easy to navigate.Keeps the information up to date means it’s easy to make the dynamic changes.
  • We have built the number of web applications using the open-source capabilities of the language and were able to deliver the dynamic, static and integrated PHP solutions.

API Integration

We give prominence to best networking practices when it comes to integrating the Third-party API that is Application Programming Interface into the platform and API development Services. We develop web APIs as a Service (APIaaS) to overcome and tackle the technology-dependent features of the API along with the protocol integration by using REST API, JSON, and many such development services. We use the following services from the cloud, which provide the ability to your users to access the platform across any device anytime:

  • Software- as – a – Service (SaaS)
  • Platform – as – a – Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure – as – a – Service (IaaS)

CMS Development Solution

We understand that the content on your website can either make or break the image of your business in the tech- market. A premium quality content not only increases the company’s ranking in the search engines, but it also ensures the rise in the number of shares through various social media platforms. With an intention to help the companies save their valuable time and energy on adding, editing or deleting a large amount of content on their business websites, we are proficient in handling the highly interactive customized CMS (Content Management System) in the possible convenient way.

E-commerce PHP Solutions

There are plenty of E-commerce platforms that sell their products and services online and thus outgrowing their business rapidly and efficiently to the users. We at Yugasa, develop the hassle-free and dynamic e-commerce solutions for you in the form of a product or service with all the mandatory and essential features along with the payment gateway module, which will be functioning smoothly and leaving no room for the ambiguity. We do provide the development service for the following sort of businesses:

  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • C2B (Customer to Business)
  • C2E (Customer to Enterprise)

Software that We Use

As one of the best PHP development companies in India, we understand that companies would love to use this technology to grow their businesses.


IDEs used for the development

For PHP development services, there are several IDEs or the editor tools available in the market, that are used for the programming of PHP. The editor tools like Sublime Text, Netbeans, PHPStorm, Eclipse are some of them, which are easy to go and work in the same. Being an Open- source, PHP and the editor tools of PHP have the advantage of getting along with open forums, in case of any queries. We make sure that the used editor tools are upgraded regularly as per the release of the new version and the new functionalities.


Frameworks of PHP

There are plenty of frameworks for the PHP website development, and not to brag, but we are best in all of them. The basic frameworks are:

  • Cake PHP: Our developers are well- versed with Cake PHP coding standards and the guidelines to render secure and flexible web solutions under your budget.
  • Laravel: We have these super power of building clean, scalable and high- performance web solutions by deploying this serverless platform provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Symfony: We are known as the best player when it comes to creating complex web solutions based on this framework.



With a powerful website scripting language PHP, it is trouble-free for the developers to create dynamic and engaging web-pages. Using the PHP libraries instead of writing the tedious and time- consuming codes, one can easily add the desirable features to the site. Following are the basic PHP libraries:

  • PChart: This library is used for generating the text data in the form of a visual chart like pie- charts, bar charts, and many other forms of charts.
  • PHP Captcha: This PHP library helps in creating the automated audio and visual CAPTCHAs, which are used to differentiate between humans and bots.



The databases are used for storing the data and fetching the same when needed. The most compatible and basic databases that we work with are:

  • MySQL:We are keen on working with the most well –known open-source database MySQL with a web-based user interface, compatible with every OS platform.
  • PostgreSQL:This oracle database is used for boosting the database overall performance by recording every query along with the time of how long it took for the execution.
  • Symbase:We leave no space for the bugs with this database, which is the most secure, extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Why Choose us?

Being a PHP Web Development company, our vision is to serve beyond our clients’ expectations to nurture the long term relations and establish loyalty for years to come with these core values of ours.

Agile Development

At Yugasa, we use Agile as the Project Management methodology to boost the business value of our clients. Agile is a method where development is split into sprints, where each sprint will be having functions and modules to be developed. The clients will be having the flexibility to go through the sprints, once the sprint is completed. With the completion of one sprint, the next sprint gets in action and thus the final delivery of the project takes place. PHP website development is a complex process, but with Agile the development gets faster, which reduces the development cost.


We believe in, the early bird gets the worm. As a passionate professional in the tech world, we offer the best of service along with the support to all the valuable clients within the agreed time- frame and the approved budget. With the best suitable planning for your project, we provide the persistence solution along with the finest methodology and frameworks of the PHP. Not like other baby boomers, we believe in matching the wavelengths with our clients along with our technical expertise, thus saving precious time in delivering the solution to meet their needs and deliver the project.


It is the trait of truthfulness and reliability that helps us to live up to our word and delivering the project on the promises that we make. The major challenges in the contemporary project management cycle which is filled with economic volatilities and congenital complexities, we stand by what we do and moving forward by leaving our comfort zone by scaling the new peaks. With the development of monetization avenues and diversifying the impact, we provide an unbiased approach with our team in action in the way we work and provide the superlative outcome results for all our clients.

Hear it from the clients themselves

We at Yugasa strive to create success stories for our clients and our team strongly believes in delivering the experiences. We are truly thankful to our clients who trusted with their requirements and projects and coordinated with us in every step in building our as well as their success stories. Our team is driven by the willingness to deliver the resourceful website and the incredible services to our clientele. These success stories make us happy and encouraged to cross our limits and leave our comfort zone to keep doing what we are best at.

Shan B. Snipes
A bunch of experienced and honest developers. Their acumen of developing a software product is unbeatable and is worth hiring. It was difficult to match their energy at times. I truly appreciate their capability to plan future features of the app in an intelligent way. Thanks guys.

Shan B. Snipes – Founding Partner – Infortech Pte Ltd
Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting