Whatsapp to add disappearing message feature to the app soon

Whatsapp New Feature: Following quite a while of formally dispatching the much-anticipated ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature with a cutoff period of seven days before the message gets automatically deleted, WhatsApp came with an update for its Indian users. 

Whatsapp earlier announced that the new feature is now confirmed and official and will be rolled out to its 2-billion or more users “during this month.” 

The ‘Disappearing Messages’ features is available for both, individual users and group chats.

However, in group chats, just the admin will actually have the authority to send disappearing messages. 

The feature will be available on all WhatsApp-upheld devices including Android, iOS, and Linux-based KaiOS , alongside WhatsApp Web and Desktop platform. 

When the Disappearing Messages feature is on,all messages, from that moment, pertaining to that particular chat is affected. “This setting will not influence messages you recently sent or got in the chat,” WhatsApp told in its support page. 

Disappearing messages will likewise delete both photographs and videos following seven days, and keeping in mind that messages will vanish for the users it is still possible to take screenshots or basically copy messages before they are erased.

However,in the event that a user doesn’t open WhatsApp in the seven-day time frame, the messages will vanish. 

Additionally, if a disappearing message is sent to a chat with disappearing messages off, the message will not vanish.  

Whatsapp New Feature, Instructions to empower WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature on Android and iOS cell phones: 

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS gadgets. 
  • Tap the contact’s name. 
  • Alongside the contact’s data, you will likewise discover an alternative of Tap Disappearing messages, directly over the “Encryption” of the messages choice. 
  • When you have tap on it, select on. 
  • It will turn on the disappearing messages choice for the specific visit. 

Instructions to turn off Disappearing Messages highlight on Android and iOS gadgets: Whatsapp New Feature

When crippled, messages sent in the chat will at this point won’t vanish. 

  • Open the WhatsApp. 
  • Tap the contact’s name. 
  • Tap Disappearing messages. 
  • Select Off. 

Something imperative to note here is that once Disappearing Messages feature is on, there is no alternative of tweaking the time span after which the messages will be erased. 

WhatsApp has likewise been upgrading its application for its business clients. 

Earlier, WhatsApp added another shopping button on its application to make it simpler for individuals to find a business’ list to get data about the merchandise offered by the firm.


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