Telegram won’t ever drive clients to see 30-second advertisement: Founder

Telegram Advertisement: WhatsApp’s new security strategy has made a furor inside the tech network wherein everybody is contemplating whether this is an ideal opportunity to proceed onward from the well known informing application.

When WhatsApp’s security strategy has become a subject of seething discussion inside the tech network, Telegram author Pavel Durov has taken an agreement at Facebook while introducing his informing application as an approach to breaking the Facebook-WhatsApp syndication.

Durov said in his station when he was approached to contrast Telegram and US-based applications, “I don’t perceive how these two applications can be thought about. The message is an element rich web-based media stage that you can use to remain liberated from the Facebook-WhatsApp imposing business model. Signal speaks to one component of Telegram, which is Secret Chats. On the off chance that you think you need a different application for that include just, introducing it may bode well for you.”

Aside from introducing Telegram as an option in contrast to WhatsApp, Durov additionally discussed the chance of presenting advertisements on Telegram.

He said that Telegram could never drive clients to see 30-second long advertisements. Also, if the stage ever took to showing advertisements, they would not be founded on clients’ private information.

Telegram Advertisement, He wrote in his channel that “we won’t ever drive you to see 30-second promotions on Telegram.

In the event that we actually present advertisements, the promotions will be demonstrated simply in huge one-to-numerous channels which are costly to run because of worker and traffic costs (like my channel @durov) and not focused on dependent on any private information (in contrast to Facebook).

Thus, no gathering private information, no client profiling, and so on What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t utilize our one-to-numerous channels (which are non-existent in any remaining informing applications), you won’t see a solitary promotion.

Independently, the Telegram originator has likewise blamed WhatsApp for undercover advertising.

He wrote in a different post in his station on Telegram that “at around 500 million clients and developing, Telegram has become a significant issue for the Facebook Company.

Incapable to contend with Telegram in quality and protection, Facebook’s WhatsApp appears to have changed to clandestine promoting: Wikipedia editors have as of late uncovered different paid pieces adding one-sided data into the WhatsApp Wikipedia article.”

Also, he guaranteed that Facebook has a whole division committed to deciding the reason for Telegram’s rising prevalence.


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