Next up for India: National Digital Health portal

National Digital Health portal: National digital health mission has been approved by the cabinet and will likely be announced by prime minister Narendra Modi on 15th August. NDHM is a digital health ecosystem platform created by the national health authority. They are also in control of the Ayushman Bharat scheme. The ministry of finance has allocated Rs. 470 crore to this project through the proposal only required Rs. 400 crores. 

National Digital Health portal This digital platform will have the features of health id with personal health records for each registered individual. These health IDs can be linked to your Aadhaar as well. This platform will be released as both a website and an application. NDHA also plans for a digital doctor; doctors would also be able to fill in their details in the doctor’s health facility registry. Digi doctors’ contact details will be registered on the digital portal. These doctors will also be able to write up prescriptions through a digital signature. The platform will be completely voluntary, which means it is all up to the doctors or individuals to enroll.

National health authority chief executive Indu Bhushan said, “the implementation of NDHM is expected to significantly improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in health service delivery overall and accelerate India’s progress towards achievement of UN sustainable development goal 3.8 of universal health coverage, including financial risk protection.”


Government officials have assured that privacy is a major priority here and no individual data will be shared even to the doctors without proper permission. This application is aimed at seamless portability. They also plan to add e-pharmacy and telemedicine services once the regulatory guidelines are framed. This was announced after the FICCI video conference where IT minister Sawhney talked about developing software of our own. The online citizen engineering platform has received 901 entries by Indian software developers in the health sector.

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