What is new in Android 8 for users

Android 8 Oreo: Since its first launch in 2008 with a smartphone Android has come a long way with new features
being added regularly, thus bringing about new versions of Androids. The latest addition is
Android 8 version which is also known as the Android Oreo. This article helps smartphones and
tablets users understand the new features of Android 8.

2x faster – Android 8 Oreo

Now start your apps even faster! With the new Android Oreo, it’s possible to get started on your
favorite tasks quickly with the 2x boot speed when powering up.

Background limits

The background activates in our smartphones is one of the most irritating features of a
smartphone. How all of us wish that we could just close all that happens in the background so
that the battery of the smartphone would last longer. Well, Android Oreo makes this dream
come a step closer! Android Oreo helps minimize the background activity in the apps that you
rarely use.

Android 8 Oreo – Autofill

If your phone is a personal belonging for you and you allow the system to store data, then
Android Oreo can help you get into your favorite apps at supersonic speed with the Autofill
feature that remembers your logins once you type it in your phone or tablet.

Picture in picture

Do multiple things at a time! The world is moving faster now. It’s the time for multi-tasking.
For a person who is active it is very important that his phone is equally fast so that he can
do a number of things at the same time. Now, Android Oreo helps you to see two apps at
the same time.

Ease of reading new notifications

Just press the notification dots to quickly see what’s new and easily clear them by swiping
away. This saves you a lot of time when you have very little to wait for the app to open just to
read a new notification.

Android instant Apps

Time is money! How many times have you wondered if you could use an App without having
to wait for it to install
? Wait no more. Android 8 is here and this operating system for
smartphones and tablets can help you to teleport directly into apps straight from your
browser without the need for installation.

Google Play Protect

Data protection is the top most priority of all the operating systems. Android values the data of
its member a lot and ensure that is protected no matter what! Android 8 can now scan over 50
billion apps in a day to keep your data private and protect. It also scans the apps that are not
yet installed in your phone!


Battery matters

A gamer or an extensive talker or a freelancer who uses their phones to manage their activities
on phone on the go always prefer to ensure that their phone’s battery is h2 and full of life.
This is promised by the new Android version, Android Oreo.

Express yourselves better

One of the most user friendly features of Android is the way we can use Emoji’s in our
conversations. These colorful images bring life to the otherwise dry conversations. Android 8
has a fully redesigned set of emoji. It also has over 60 brand new emojies.
With so many improved features, Android 8 or the Android Oreo is certainly going to make the
process of using our smartphones and tablets even more easier.
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