Google signed content payment deal with French news publishers

Google French News Publishers: Google signed content payment deal: PARIS (Reuters) – Google and a French publisher had consented to a copyright system for the U.S. tech giant to pay news publishers for content on the web, in a first for Europe. 

Media outlets battling with lessening print memberships have for some time been fuming at Google’s inability to give them a cut of the large numbers it makes from advertisements shown close by news list items.

With the Covid-19 emergency pleading deals considerably further, a few top French distributions are relied upon to report gigantic misfortunes this year.

The move makes the road for individual licensing agreements for French distributions, some of which have seen incomes drop with the ascent of the Internet and decreases in print circulation. 

The arrangement, which Google portrays as a supportable method to pay publishers, is probably going to be firmly watched by different platforms, for example, Facebook, and others.

Google and the Alliance de la Presse information générale (APIG) said in a proclamation that the system included rules, for example, the everyday volume of distributions, month to month web traffic, and “commitment to political and general data”. 

Google has so far just consented to license arrangements with a couple of distributions in France, including public everyday papers Le Monde and Le Figaro

Google News Showcase – Google French News Publishers

Google’s tool for paying news publications, called Google News Showcase, is so far just accessible in Brazil and Germany only. 

Google and APIG didn’t state how much cash would be appropriated to APIG’s individuals, who incorporate most French public and nearby publishers. Subtleties on how the compensation would be determined were not uncovered. 

The arrangement follows a very long time of dealing between Google, French distributors, and news offices over how to apply patched up EU copyright rules, which permit publishers to request an expense from online platforms. 


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