Google’s potential Trial date for its anti-Trust lawsuit – the year 2023

Google anti-Trust lawsuit 2023: There has been an update pertaining to the anti-trust lawsuit filed against Google in October.

The Lawsuit was against Google’s illicit practices to overshadow the small internet companies and use its market monopoly to sideline them.

This anti-competitive nature was the core of Google’s strategy to retain its monopoly in the market.

The lawsuit was joined by multiple state DAs and was felt that something would soon come out of this lawsuit.

But on the contrary, the Justice Department’s historic lawsuit is walking very slowly.

During the latest status hearing that happened on Friday, US district judge, Amit Mehta set a date for the case pretty far in the future. It’s nearly two and a half years from now.

According to the reports from multiple sources, the date set for the case to start the proceedings is September 12, 2023.

Google anti-Trust lawsuit 2023 Not only the date of hearing starts pretty late, but the case itself would also take weeks until a final decision comes out on the lawsuit against Google.

This has not been a single lawsuit filed against Google. The silicon valley Giant, Google had a very tough year.

Many multi-state antitrust lawsuits have been filed against it, ranging from anti-competitive behavior to using its, market monopoly to hinder other businesses.

Not only in the USA, but Google is also facing criticism in Europe for its policies. 

All this criticism might overwhelm Google and its ambitious nature but in the long run, this is pretty good for providing new entrepreneurs an unbiased ground to compete with its rivals, however big or small they are. 

The last time such antitrust lawsuits were filed, it was against Microsoft, which happened nearly two decades ago and had its last hearing in 2001.

That lawsuit also helped states design a multitude of reforms to help strengthen and provide a better playing ground for new Entrepreneurs.


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