Billionaires on trial for crushing small businesses of their nation

Small business 2020: Washington The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Antitrust panel gathered four of America’s biggest tech companies’ CEOs on a virtual video call. Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook inc., Sundar Pichai the CEO of the alphabet, and Google and Tim Cook from apple were slammed by numerical allegations in the US Congress’ tech antitrust hearing.

Mark Zuckerberg was faced by representative Jim Sensenbrenner who started by questioning CEO of Facebook inc about the post of Donald Trump jr. about his declaration of hydroxychloroquine being the cure for COVID 19.

He replied by clarifying that this was on twitter and by reassuring him about the policies of Facebook which doesn’t allow people to share which may cause immediate harm to some individual but simultaneously stating that it does permit discussions about people’s experiences with various drugs and it’s information.

Mark Zuckerberg quoted that “ we shouldn’t be the arteries of truth”. Congresswoman Jayapal also interrogated about the number of new companies or start-ups Facebook had to crush to embed their new features into Facebook.

Google and Facebook faced the most brutal accusations by the committee. Sundar Pichai the CEO of the alphabet and google was faced with the question, “ why does google steal from honest businesses?” by David Cicilline and he also added that Yelp was threatened by Google of being delisted from the search results.

Small business 2020 The committee also raised their concerns about Google’s loyalty when it comes to the uses who want relevant results and the organizations who pay Google to advertise their products. Pichai politely rejected this characterization.

The richest man in the world Jeff Bezos faced technical difficulty during this conference due to which he was absent for an hour. CEO of Amazon was accused of using data from the website to develop their brand label products, which led congressman David Cicilline to compare amazon to heroin (intoxication) due it’s unfaithfulness towards the third-party sellers who trust amazon.

Jeff Bezos was not able to defend the fact that this violation doesn’t happen regularly but that he will look into the matter, but he did point out the evident fact that during the commencement of Amazon they were only relying on their inventory and that they opened their site and benefits to third-party sellers. Reports from wall street journal about employees using confidential data from sellers on the platform to develop their product were also addressed in this conference.

The company who provides jobs to almost 2 million people across fifty states in the United States of America and has done 38 billion dollars commerce in their country in the year 2019 Apple, their CEO Tim Cook was also present in the conference and was accused of removing applications by developers to boost their application (product service).

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A letter by a mother was addressed in the meeting which represented a complaint of Apple removing a useful application, used for kid’s mental health to which Cook replied by pointing out the importance of scrutiny in the app store and how they started so many revolutionary products including iPod used by various artists.

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