Objective C Vs SWIFT while developing an iOS App. Which one to opt?

Objective c vs SWIFT: A number of languages have been seen entering and exiting from the mobile app development industry. So a developer always wonders what would be the best language he or she should learn or use for their mobile app so that it can be easily used at all points of time without worrying. A few features that stand out while considering the best known languages are, the ease with which it can be used by developers, the space given to coders for experimenting and certainly the effectiveness of the language in terms of money.

The development of Android apps seems to be a settled thing while considering the languages used. But when we talk about the development of apps for the iOS, there is always this doubt as to which language is better. Many developers have a lot of queries regarding SWIFT and Objective C. This article is hence an attempt to give a clearer picture of the two languages for the developers.

The source – Objective c vs SWIFT

objective c vs swift developing ios app one opt
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SWIFT is considered better here as it is an open source language. It takes relatively less time to access and also it is liitle cost effective when compared to objective C. Swift being an open source language is giving it a huge advantage over the objective C and many companies, especially startups have started adapting to SWIFT.

Time consumed

Every company likes to deliver the most number of products within the shortest period of time. Swift helps in doing so. As there are many packages available in Swift, developers can try and team up with other packages and work jointly for the better hold of the logic.

Objective c vs SWIFT – Say NO to bugs

The one thing that everybody hates is the bugs. Developers love the languages that help them identify and rectify these bugs. Swift does exactly this. Swift enables run time crash that works on the process of fixing the bugs. This helps the developer to fix the error on the spot and complete the development work as per the schedule without wasting much time on the bugs.

Safety and maintenance

Who doesn’t love safe and maintenance free languages? Safety is also one of the most crucial factors in the mobile development process. A good app is the one with the most secure features and the one that requires the least amount of maintenance. Both of this can be ensured when a developer uses Swift for the mobile app development.

The future

Swift is a very well structured and organized open source language introduced by Apple. When compared with Objective C, Swift always stands out as it is much faster, requires less management of memory. This makes Swift a tough contender amongst the similar competitors in the industry.

To conclude, I would like to say that Swift certainly looks like the way forward for the iOs app developers unless a whole new language enters the race. Also it will not be very difficult for the developers using Objective C to shift to Swift as it is a very user friendly language.


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