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Our aim to become one of the best mobile app development companies in US and Europe has seemed to have touched the hearts of a lot of our clients. When we asked them to share their experience with us, here is what they had to say about us



We work for clients across the globe

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  • Clients in Europe
  • Clients in India
  • Clients in other parts of the world

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Yugasa is an award winning company with a strong technical acumen of delivering scalable, user friendly, cloud ready customised android apps. We do Native Apps using Android SDK & Java and build cost effective prototype using Hybrid platforms like Ionic framework. We feel proud in creating future ready scalable mobile solutions for our clients.

Top 10 mobile app designing agencies

Mobile App UI & UX design

Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. We believe that design is ‘intelligence made visible.

Best App Developers

Mobile App Development

Consulting, building prototypes, building whole of it from scratch or fixing your existing non working app; we do it all.

We Deploy Best Web

Development Technologies

We are not restricted by technology at all. Yugasa has a pool of developers, designers and QA engineers to immediately join your project. In case we do not have any desired skill onboard already, we immediately get in action to hire new talent on board specially for your project.


Glimpse of our development practices

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Requirement Engineering

Software requirements are a bunch of abstract information till we do not discuss them in detail and document them properly. During requirement engineering stage we understand the client’s needs to our best, suggest our inputs for features and technology and prepare a first hand draft of requirement specification document. On further discussions these requirements shape into a final proposal which comprises of Scope
of Work, delivery timelines and cost estimates.

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Project Planning

We value every minute you and our team spend in executing a project and believe that ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’. Hence it all starts with ‘Planning’. A development team is deployed on project soon after it is initiated. This team meets and divideds the project execution into multiple milestone. Whole project is then planned well before starting development on the basis of tasks allocations, timelines, contingencies and final deliveries.

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Creative Designs
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Creative Designs

We know that a good design is the only first reason for your customers to give you a chance and hence we have to be best and trendy to produce a masterpiece for you. Our in-house team of designers is skilled to beautifully craft simple and elegant screens. Our designs are results of our extensive experience in human psychology, colour schemes, industry trends, typography and our love towards beauty.

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Optimised Coding
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Optimised Coding

Developing a software is nothing great. But developing a good software is. A functionality can be achieved by writing a 50 lines of code while the same function can be written in an optimized manner in just 10 lines of code. This is where we stand different from others. We code in an optimised way to produce fast and best functioning product. We pick best of the technologies, put our experience and consultancy into it to deliver a world class software for you.

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Relentless Testing

Users normally only see in an app, what they want to use in it. Certified Software Testers see beyond that. Our team of experienced testers know where software can go wrong during its development stage. Software Development at Yugasa follows agile methodology and a project build gets tested daily during development. We call our testers as ‘Thinking Caps’. They not only test but also suggest better ideas to ensure we deliver more than what we commit to our clients.

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On time Delivery

Intelligent planning, elegant designs, optimized development, smart testing and regular meetings; all that is done to ensure your strong product launch. We know, you have already decided to make a dent in the market and team Yugasa is a catapult that shall help you make that impact harder. We promise our best consultancy, quality delivery, successful product launch, and handholding during your beta testing.

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Maintain and Grow
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Maintain and Grow

World is changing fast. Almost every six months we get new versions of mobile OS. We understand the significance of upgrading your product with the change in technologies around us. Consumers are exposed to new trends almost everyday and adopting such new features is easily accessible to them. In such a volatile world, it is important for you to keep yourself updated and stay ahead of your competition. Yugasa backs you up strongly in that.

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Why Choose us you ask?

Yugasa is not bound by any specific technology stack. We hire experience website designers
who may or may not be on Yugasa’s board already.

A transparent company

We strongly believe in maintaining a transparent relationship with all our clients. At no stage will there be any additional or hidden charges that you might have to look at when you trust us with a project of yours.


wb developers at Yugasa are very efficient in terms of communication. We believe that a company can only thrive when it’s teams can communicate easily. Hence a lot of time is spent to ensure our teams are able to communicate best with the clients using different online tools.


Being one of the most trusted brands in the web development industry, we at Yugasa understand the value of confidentiality. You do not have to tell us that all information that is shared between you and Yugasa has to stay between us only. We adhere to this as an inbuilt value at Yugasa.

Hire on the go

Every project might require a very different set of talents. Hence at Yugasa, we maintain a team of experience web and e-commerce developers that are available as per the client requirement. This ensures that you get the best of the website developers working on your project at all times!

Experience matters

The talent pool in Yugasa has a wide range of experience in many languages. The development team has a minimum of 5 years of experience in the website domain. Each one of the talents is tested every now and again to ensure that they are on top of their games at any given time.

We have got you covered

Once we take up your web project, we are there for you always! We have a strong technical maintenance team if the need arises at any time for you to contact us for any sudden glitches. The teams can solve your challenges by deploying best of their experiences.

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