Top 20 App Development Companies in Bangalore

In today’s time, these companies are playing a very important role in the development of the businesses because they are providing the best service in artificial things that give a target market to the companies.

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App Development Companies in Bangalore: If we talk about application development then automatically we talk about Bangalore.

It is one of the most important cities where a person will get everything in the education and development field.

There are so many app development companies where a person can get everything in their hand whatever they are thinking with the help of these companies.

App Development Companies in Bangalore In today’s time, these companies are playing a very important role in the development of the businesses because they are providing the best service in artificial things that give a target market to the companies. 

This time no one will face any loss if he/she is investing in this sector because this is the time of these things in the market.

 Here we a combined list of 20 app development companies in Bangalore which will help you in growing your business.

1. Heptagon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It is a next-generation IT Service Company which provides the services very effectively to their services. This can be your one-stop software shop for all your development needs.

It is a company which increases the market demand in the business for whom they worked for.

They provide services in digital transformation, application development, the internet of things, data analysis, etc. It uses the latest technologies so that their clients will get satisfied with their services.

  • It is founded in 2017.
  • Location – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Website –

2. Happiest Minds Technologies

It is an IT development company that has a presence in diverse segments. Its tagline describes it well i.e. ‘A mindful IT company”. It works out specific tailor-made business solutions. 

It uses international best security services and the latest technologies. Its mission is really simple but deep i.e. “Happiest People, Happiest Customer.”

It provides services in data management, IT security services, web development, application development, etc. 

It wins a 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award. It is the most successful company of the decade. It works on trust and fulfills their trust too. It works globally especially in India, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, etc.

3. Yugasa Software Labs

Globally it is known for providing its services at a low cost. They provide their services very effectively. They do not work for profit but they work for the profit of the business of their client that’s why they treat that like their own.

They try to provide every possible and successful service by which the business will reach the heights. It provides services in web development, mobile application development in android and iOS, eCommerce design and development, etc. 

They had handled approx 400 projects and satisfy their customers every time with success. They are not working only for India but for other countries too.

Yugasa is recognizing globally and has become a leading app development company.

It has more than 50 experienced web and mobile app developers. These people helped the company to maintain a high customer retention rate of 85%, which is one of the highest rates in mobile app development companies.

They use the latest and best technologies to serve their customers. They try to talk first with the clients so that they can understand them and serve them in the way they think in their minds.

  • It is founded in 2015.
  • Location – Gurugram
  • Website –

4. Y Media Labs

If you take the services by this company then it can be your development partner. It gained a strong position in the market with its understanding and the skills of the developers. 

It mainly provides the services of creative designing and digital solutions. They mention that they create value for their clients by creating value for their client’s customers.

They have a team of dreamers with a simple thought i.e. If they make a difference for your customers they will make a difference for your business too.

In starting they have only startups as their clients and soon they capture the market with their intelligence and technologies. There are approximately 300 members in their team who give their 100% to serve the clients.

  • It is founded in 2009.
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

5. DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

It is a global company with a presence across the world. It is a mobile development company. It helps businesses through emerging digital transformation. 

It provides the services of mobile app development (iOS and android), web development, chatbot development, infrastructure management, artificial intelligence, etc.

It provides services in India, the USA, UAE, Australia, etc. It has approx 200 innovative minds and an energetic team in the background in every success story and brings success to the customers too.

Any business can reach heights if they will take services of this company.

  • It is founded in 
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

6. TechJini Solutions

Techni is bringing the client’s brand on mobile and web with handcrafted solutions that are innovative, user-centered, and delightful to use.

It is certified by Google as an official developer agency. By this, we can understand its volume in the market.

It provides the services of mobile app development, web development, cloud solutions, chatbot, virtual reality, etc.

It has a record of making approx 200 apps and they delivered it to the customer. It is an achievement for a company that every customer gets satisfies with your services. It had worked for India’s largest eCommerce player.

  • It is founded in 2005
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

7. GeekyAnts Software Pvt. Ltd. – App Development Companies in Bangalore

It calls itself a product studio. It designs and develops apps for users ranging from some of the biggest names in the industry to the nascent startups. It had done everything perfectly with their energetic and intelligent team. 

This company is passionate about building world-class products. They challenge themselves daily to innovate their ideas in a new way and by using the latest technologies they can make apps. 

  • It is founded in 2015
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

8. Nextbrain Technologies

It is one of the best application development companies in Bangalore. It is an award-winning company. In a very short period, this company becomes the client – favorite organization. 

It provides services in mobile app development, web development, driver app development, CMS development, internet marketing services, etc. They make user-friendly apps because they want to make comfortable the users of these apps.

They design and develop according to their client’s dreams. We can say that it is a tailor based company. They have good proficiency in delivering customer-centric and solutions to the client.

9. CognitiveClouds Software Pvt. Ltd.

It is a product development company. It is a Google certified agency of Bangalore.

In 2012 it had made its foray as an application development which gives the name and reputation in the market. Since then it has become a distinguished company of the market.

It provides services in saas development, enterprise development, IoT development, mobile application development, etc.

They mention that they will your sketches in the valuable product. This statement encourages businesses to use this company for their success and name. 

10. Appscrip – App Development Companies in Bangalore

It is one of the fastest-growing application development companies. It has come with the best and most in use apps in the market. It is easy and convenient that’s why it attracts clients.

It provides services in mobile app development, web app development, IoT, etc. It transforms the client’s business digitally into the new normal with their pre-built apps.

It provides a service by which you can add video or audio to your business apps easily. By this, you can make your client understandable. It has a delivery app that delivers other apps very easily to others.

  • It is founded in 2014
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

11. B2C Info Solutions

It is an award-winning top mobile app development company in the USA with operations in India, UK, New Zealand, etc. It has offices in so many cities across the world.

It provides services in mobile app development, web development, digital transforming consultant, resource hiring, etc. It brings innovation and technology and a passion for excellence.

It has expertise in their team for app developments. They hire with so many tests so that they can bring an expert in their team who can serve in a better way to the customers.

12. Sourcebits Technologies

It is a top-notch mobile app design and development company. It is one of the top 10 app development company which refine ideas, solve businesses problems, and give a proper facility in the digital environment.

They always say that they transform businesses from inside out and integrate the technology in the way you think.

They focus on lifetime success and innovate the ideas accordingly. They provide the services of data engineering, next-generation mobile apps, etc.

13. Day1 Technologies

It is a world-class mobile app and web development company. It brings your future ideas to life by making apps and delivering them to their clients.

It provides services in application development, mobile development, robotic process automation, launch marketing, etc. 

They are young, curious, and ready to take on challenges and complete them on time. They do not have a big office of cabins but they provide services to their customers on their own. 

  • It is founded in 2016
  • Location – 
  • Website –

14. Cumulations Technologies

It is the most trusted company in app development. It believes to keep it simple and straightforward.

They say that nowadays mobile apps become a need rather than a luxury. So everybody needs it for their success. 

It is technology leaders in the space in the mobile app development companies.

It provides services in android, iOS application development, IoT, etc. They had made so many apps for different sectors from healthcare to entertainment.

They have expertise in the development of mobile apps for B2B, B2C, B2E business environment.

15. Om Software Pvt. Ltd.

It is popularly known as OMS. It is an end to end web application service provider. It is also home to career rock stars. It delivers top-grade quality mobile app development solutions. 

They know about the trends of the market so they try to make apps to make the customer’s life comfortable.

They provide service in mobile app development, web development, IT consulting, etc.

They have 10 years of experience and they served approx 500 customers who are satisfied with their services.

16. Sugoi Labs Pvt. Ltd.

It is named on a Japanese word i.e. Awesome. It is a renowned application development company particularly catering to start-ups. It is known for its innovative solutions and best in class services. 

They provide service in web development, mobile app development, iOS, custom software, etc. They perform excellent customization services. They try to provide the best services to their clients.

  • It is founded in 2013
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

17. Getmyappz

It has an eye-catching tagline i.e. creating the next best thing. It is serving worldwide for mobile app development. They didn’t leave any technology because their goal is to design best for their clients.

Every day, they partner with bold people who have ambitious thinking to help them. They have experienced developers who serve the clients very effectively. They ensure that they will give a high quality of service to their clients.

  • It is founded in 2012
  • Location – Bangalore
  • Website –

18. Zerozilla – App Development Companies in Bangalore

It offers holistic services ranging from web and mobile application development to digital marketing.

It makes a place itself in the market. Their ideas are diversified but they make sure that they work in a team very effectively.

It provides services in web development, mobile app development, web design, etc.

Their innovative ideas make themselves to make a stand in the market. Nowadays so many people are investing in this market so making a stand means a lot.

  • It is founded in 2002
  • Location is Bangalore
  • Website –

19. Appiness Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

It is serving globally and satisfying its customers very effectively. It has won 35 international design awards. It has served every industry. At its heart, it is a consulting and technology firm.

It provides services in web application development, mobile application development, etc. It had worked for many named industries like Huawei, the income tax department of India, etc.

20. 7C Studio

They provide new generation solutions to real-world problems. It is a young company of web and mobile application development. It brings alive your wildest and futuristic ideas in their innovations.

It provides services in mobile application development, web app development, blockchain solutions, etc. their products and experiences are delivered through the implementation of a rapidly adaptable Agile process.

  • It is founded in 2014
  • Location – Chennai
  • Website –