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Best Mobile App Development Companies: Looking for top California mobile app development firms? In California, there are thousands of tech start-ups and that includes hundreds of mobile app companies. This makes finding a reliable company more difficult for the ones who are looking for them. Hence we have prepared a list of California’s top 10 app development companies. That should facilitate your work.

1. Yugasa Software Labs

Yugasa provides custom solutions for all your AI, IoT, and Mobility needs. Their app developers possess skills that enable you to choose from a wide range of options and get the result you dreamt of!

Their customer retention rate is one of the highest amongst mobile app development companies, at 85%. iOS or Android, they have in-house teams for all options you might require when you join the list of 400+ projects across domains that their app development company handles.

  • iOS App Development: Want an iOS mobile app that will stand out from the 2.8 million apps on the Apple app store? Their team of iOS mobile app developers in Gurgaon can help you ensure that you have a really good iOS app built for your business. The team of talented developers is capable to help you build a beautifully working app from the great concept that you might have thought of! The company also ensures that a custom-made an end to end service option is available for all clients on multiple devices which might include but are not limited to iPhones, iPads, and more.
  • Android App Development: Think Android, think Yugasa! their skilled and experienced Android app developers who constitute good numbers in the mobile app development company that Yugasa is, enable you to create innovative apps that engage the users for a long time. They provide the best-in-class prices for all our enterprise solutions and creative app creation on Android. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for them and their team thrives to make you happy once you are on board with them!


2. Appstem


Appstem is a 9 years mobile app development company in San Francisco, California. The best part of Appstem is its enthusiasm for agile development methodology. Their team has successfully delivered over 300 applications to clients including leading brands such as Tesla, Enterprise, Zen desk, Intel, etc.

3. ArcTouch

ArcTouch is one of the top mobile App Development companies in San Diego, California. The company now has more than 10 years of experience and has more than 200 employees with them. 

They are experts in providing strategy services, design experience, development, growth, and optimization, and also follow the agile methodology.

4. Mokriya


Mokriya was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2010. The company now has expanded on four continents with more than 100 employees. Mokriya describes themself as software product consultants in California.

Their unique problem-solving approach provides compelling experiences and quick delivery solutions. They offer a vast number of services including big data & analysis, innovation, ideation to visual design, market design, market research, validation, testing, and many more.

Using agile methodology, they focus on mobile (iOS/Android/React Native) and application development. They also cover Chatbots, AI, AR, and VR-related services.

5. Ramotion


This company has its headquarters in San Francisco and was founded in 2009. To date, these California app developers have completed more than 200 projects which include full-stack enterprise solutions in addition to mobile and web applications.

6. CitrusBits


CitrusBits is one of the top development companies for mobile apps established in 2005. They are experts in a number of fields, including customized design for customer products, and emerging technology expertise. They stand apart from the other companies in the speed with which they execute the projects of their customers and in the precision at the end of it all.

7. Impekable


This company was founded in 2012 and is specialized in UX / UI design and development of mobile apps. They are also developing know-how in today’s emerging technologies.

With awards and mentions in many famous publications, their software packages and apps have helped their clients gain worldwide recognition.

Small but creative teams have made the company’s accomplishments possible. Their customers include software industry biggies such as Accenture, Google, and HP.

8. Sidebench

This company was founded in 2012 and is specialized in UX / UI design and development of mobile apps. They are also developing know-how in today’s emerging technologies.

With awards and mentions in many famous publications, their software packages and apps have helped their clients gain worldwide recognition. Small but creative teams have made the company’s accomplishments possible. Their customers include software industry biggies such as Accenture, Google, and HP.

8. Sidebench


You can best think of Sidebench as a consultancy studio. They have created enterprise management scale applications and the main focus of the company is on user experience. They have managed solutions for both small-scale startups and large corporations.

The firm makes it a point to maintain long-term relationships with all of its customers. Their innovation and drive made the company grow sustainably.

9. Swenson He

swenson he

Founded as recently as 2014, this company is already a company to be reckoned with in the development of mobile apps.

They are noted among California’s best iOS app development firms, and never outsource any software that needs to be created.

10. Dogtown Media


This company delivers apps aimed at solving the users’ everyday problems. By pushing the boundaries of technology their team at Dogtown comes up with innovative app design. This has helped them run the pack and continually add to their capabilities in design and development.

Their app development team is composed of experts with deep coding and design expertise. That helps the team design, develop and deploy Android and iOS apps quickly without undue delay. Their notable clients include, among others, CitiBank, UN, and Lexus.

11. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a reputable company that specializes in mobile app development. They are located in the San Diego area and have been in operation for over 10 years. Their team of software engineers is well-versed in the latest technologies and uses the most up-to-date tools available to create apps for clients, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even web. OpenXcell has an extensive portfolio of clients who have helped with app design or programming services.

Website: Best Mobile App Development Services & Solutions USA India (

12. Utility

Mobile application development is an ever-changing field that requires fresh ideas, updated software, and the latest trends in mobile technology. The expert team at Utility Inc. has been providing these services for over a decade to companies across the country, helping them take their business to the next level with everything from user interface design to game development.

Website: UTILITY: Top Mobile App Development Company in NYC (

13. RipenApps

A company that develops software for mobile devices. It specializes in developing applications that are popular among its users, which includes an app that helps people locate the nearest grocery store. This company manages communications with all of its customers and they have developed many useful apps for them.

Website: Mobile App Development Company in India, USA, UAE: RipenApps

14. Dash Tech

Dash Technology is a leading mobile app development company in California. They have been in the industry for more than 5 years and have a team of around 100 developers that have created some of the most popular apps on both iOS and Android. Dash’s specialization is design-centric mobile apps with a heavy focus on UX/UI design, leveraging their expertise to create engaging user experiences. The company itself started out as a web development service, but they soon realized there was more opportunity in designing mobile apps.

Website: Enterprise IT Consulting and Software Development Company & Services Ohio, USA | Dash Technologies (

15. Zco corporation

Zco Corporation is an American company that provides mobile app development services in the State of California. They are the best in the industry with a wide range of providers for their clients. This includes UX/UI Designers, Mobile App Developers, Web Developers, and Software Engineers to execute projects at any level of complexity. The company ensures customer satisfaction by utilizing proven strategies to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional quality products.

Website:Zco Corporation | App Development Agency | Mobile App Company

16. Indus Net Tech

The Indus Net Tech is a Mobile App Development Company that provides world-class mobile app development services to clients. The company has a highly skilled team of mobile app developers who have experience in building a wide range of business and consumer apps for various industry verticals. The company always strives for being the best in the industry by providing high-quality solutions to its clients.

Website: Indus Net Technologies – GoodFirms

17. 3 Sided Cube

The three-sided cube company is a leading mobile app development company, particularly known for its work in California. The technology they utilize has been designed to have a very high degree of scalability and mobility, which provides the 3-sided cube with a significant advantage over competitors in the industry.

Website: Tech for Good | Let’s Build it Together | USA | 3 SIDED CUBE

18. Zealous System

Zealous System is a software company with experience that spans more than two decades. Zealous Systems has been an innovator in the industry and we have successfully partnered with clients of all sizes, including fortune 500 companies and government agencies, to deliver enterprise-grade solutions for their IT needs.

Zealous System company produces the best mobile app development company California.

Website: Top Mobile App Development & Digital Transformation Company (


A new startup company ROCKETECH, founded in Los Angeles, California, has started to develop apps for mobile phones. The company’s focus is on the development of apps that are heavy in graphics and animation. The advantages of this type of application include quicker loading times, a smoother running application, and greater battery life.

Website:Software Development Company – Mobile & Web App Development — Rocketech

20. Triare

Triare is a company that specializes in developing mobile apps in California. This company has been able to provide excellent development services for many start-ups due to their experience with the latest technological advances. They are also very active in the blockchain space.



The rapid rate of mobile market innovation and development has made it challenging for businesses to plan an app that will help them reach out to more customers and increase their visibility. It is in these times, however, that expert mobile app development firms come to rescue the businesses.